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Wuhai city, Inner Mongolia: Building Materials

by:UFO      2020-07-17

City's building materials industry, has always been dominated by cement and glass. Relying on a wealth of raw materials and convenient traffic conditions, since 1958, Mountain Cement to build sub-Xi Zhuo, the lime-sand brick, architectural ceramics factory, haibowan glass, 1000 steel and cement plants have built a number of backbone enterprises of building materials. To building the city in 1976, the city has reached 240 thousand tons of cement production, glass output of up to 3 million TEUs.

Since 1978, the city's building materials industry gradually got onto the track of healthy development. As two leading enterprises in the sub-Hill Cement Plant and haibowan Xizhuo glass, persist in implementing the national economic 'adjustment, reform, rectification and improve' approach, establish various forms of economic responsibility system, strengthen the enterprise's various item-based management, and actively carry out their potential, transform, and innovative work. In 1978, the two companies at the same time turn around, with vigor and vitality. To the end of 1984 Xizhuo shan cement and glass are Haibowan 7 consecutive years to complete the national plan, product output, economic efficiency increased significantly.

Nineties of the last century, with the establishment of socialist market economic system, the development of building materials industry is facing significant opportunities, is also facing severe challenges. During this period, in order to Xizhuo shan cement and building materials represented Haibowan glass enterprises, the reform and development are still walking in the forefront of the city. As a large state-owned enterprises with their reform, reorganization, upgrading and strengthening management combine to form separate sub-Xi Zhuo played a Mountain, 'Prairie' Cement Corporation and the sea-crystal Glass Group Co., Ltd., in the new market competition to gain the advantage and win initiative. Eleventh Asian Games in Beijing Asian Games Village project, the Beijing West Railway Station, Beijing Wangfujing Street and transformation projects of 'Prairie' brand cement, enough for the son of Shan Xi Zhuo a wonderful cement to write.

After the reform, the West Water venture stock company rapidly growing to become autonomous building materials industry first listed company; sea-crystal Glass Group from Shandong Blue Star Group Holdings, the product quickly escalated, highlighting the unique advantages of the brand. Entering the new century, the city's structural adjustment as the main line, to improve the quality and efficiency of economic growth as the center, around the energy, chemicals, building materials, metallurgy and high-set has a comparative advantage in energy and other industries focused on the implementation of a large number of key industrial projects, for the expansion of economic output and adjust the industrial product mix and lay a solid foundation. Although the main product is still building materials industry of cement, glass, number of enterprises have increased marginally, but in the 'Tenth Five-Year' period, there are still many bright spots - the West Water completed the No. 4 kiln business establishment, Wuhai Blue Star Glass completed a new one float glass production line established Shiqianfeng completed the expansion of cement, new building materials product development has also been started. Through technical transformation, and further expanded the city's cement and glass production scale, and have developed a slow setting cement, power plants dedicated antifreeze cement, hollow glass, coated glass and other new products.

The end of 2006, the city's building materials industry is not only greatly increased the number of enterprises, output many times doubled, and the number of products also increased significantly. With the scientific development ideology deeply rooted among the city's building materials industry, another new member, namely the use of coal gangue and fly ash production of new wall materials will also usher in a brighter future.

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