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Wow! Super High Level 210wh/kg LiFePO4 Ion Phosphate Battery


According to media reports, Guoxuan Hi-Tech plans to mass-produce lithium iron phosphate batteries with an energy density of 210Wh/kg by the end of the year, which is the highest level of lithium iron phosphate batteries in the industry. The production line has been completed and is being debugged, and it is expected to achieve mass production before the end of this year.

According to the official information, the single 210Wh/Kg lithium iron phosphate battery product is a soft-packed battery cell with a size of 354*102*11.8, a 0.33C cell capacity of 55Ah, a voltage platform of 3.2V, a cell weight of 830g, and a calculation of 212Wh/ Kg.

In order to further increase the energy density of lithium iron phosphate batteries, a variety of innovative technologies have been adopted:

Innovative application of battery cell materials, the battery cathode material adopts self-developed high-performance lithium iron phosphate cathode material. The gram capacity of lithium iron phosphate material reaches 150mAh/g, and the compacted density reaches 2.4g/cc. In addition to cathode materials, anode materials are also the focus, using high-gram capacity silicon anode materials.

Pre-lithiation technology for large-scale production applications. It is very difficult to achieve mass production of this technology, because lithium metal is one of the most active metals, and the trace moisture in the air may cause the burning or even explosion of lithium metal.

Super High Level LiFePO4 Ion Phosphate Battery

Through a variety of technical means, the energy density of lithium iron phosphate batteries exceeds 210Wh/kg, which has exceeded the energy density of conventional NCM523 batteries and is close to the energy density of NCM622. The product market prospect is very broad.

Based on the analysis of domestic power battery production data from January to August this year, the cumulative power battery production in the first 8 months was about 111.5GWh, of which the output of ternary batteries was 53.2GWh, accounting for 47.7%; the output of lithium iron phosphate batteries was about 58.1GWh, accounting for The ratio is about 52.1%.

From the perspective of installed capacity, in August this year, the installed capacity of power batteries in the market was approximately 12.6GWh, of which the installed capacity of lithium iron phosphate was approximately 7.2GWh, and the installed capacity of ternary batteries was approximately 5.3GWh. Beginning this year, both the output and the installed capacity of lithium iron phosphate batteries have surpassed that of ternary batteries. This is due to the fact that the price of three yuan of raw materials has risen too much, and the end consumer market pays more attention to safety and other factors.

Lithium iron phosphate batteries have been chosen by many car companies due to their cost-effectiveness, safety, cycle life and other advantages. At present, the hot-selling new energy vehicles in China are equipped with lithium iron phosphate batteries, and they are all models of the main model.

In addition to energy density, another shortcoming of lithium iron phosphate batteries that still needs to be improved is the overall power used in low-temperature environments. Especially in the winter in the north, the endurance of lithium iron phosphate battery vehicles is greatly reduced, which has a greater impact on users. If the two main shortcomings of electric attenuation and energy density in low-temperature environments can be improved in the future, it is believed that lithium iron phosphate batteries have certain advantages and market shares not only in China, but also in the global power battery market.

Market research shows that UFO Power's energy storage battery is more stable and has better capacity to provide electricity when the energy density of the lithium iron phosphate battery is the same.


The increased capacity of lithium iron phosphate batteries is good news for the lithium battery demand market. The stability, safety, and cost performance of lithium iron phosphate batteries have been checked for ternary lithium batteries.

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