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World Class Medical Billing Services At An Affordable

by:UFO      2020-07-17


Medisweans is the

Medical Billing Department of Sweans Technologies Inc. Located in DE USA this global IT/ITES Company has offices in UK and India, to mark a global presence and cost effective production by saving time, having offices located around the world. India is the hub of commercial activity due to the aptitude of most working force to communicate and write in English. It is also a market that is very affordable to the European and American entrepreneurs; hence most of the outsourcing activities are performed from our Indian offices.

Medisweans make life easier for all physicians across all specialties by offering them medical billing services. The services are designed such that it increases profitability and cash flow - improving the efficiency at office by having them to concentrate only on the medical services rather than the administrative work.

What makes Medisweans the best medical billing service provider?

The very reason why the customers are satisfied is due to the smooth delivery of the reports or information they require. Medisweans believe that employee commitment, sincerity, morale the positivist in attitude and good communication skills added to the leadership quality ingrained in each employee makes them a class apart from others. The faith exuded by the Medisweans staff is the very reason for its smooth service with ever happy customers.

Medisweans aim to be a world leader in Medical Billing Outsourcing in terms of customer and client satisfaction, excellent performance, unrivalled quality work, 100% productivity, professional service and ethics. Identifying customer needs, sending timely feedbacks and providing cost-effective, timely product is the very aim of Medisweans.

With a world class facility operating round the clock, uninterrupted power supply with separate DG sets and UPS and having locations in Kerala, India; there is little left to imagine about the technology, infrastructure and amenities that the Medisweans office use.

Other amenities include access card protected workplace, Biometric access protected eight seat area for highly confidential operations along with Physical Security protection, outstanding customer care with the help of smart associates and word class technology.

Medisweans provide a plethora of medical billing, medical insurance and dental billing services varying from coding, demographics entry, charge entry, cash posting, charge posting, A/R analysis and A/R calling, patient calling, medical coding in places like Delaware and Wilmington in the USA.

Medisweans provide a Premium package that consists of demographics entry, charge entry, coding, claims submission, cash posting, AR follow up and patient calling. A charge of 4% to 7% on the total collection is made for. The hourly rates are very affordable at just 6 to 12 US Dollars depending on the complexity and nature of work.

For business related queries or concerns please write to medisweans at

Sweans Technologies Inc.

501 Silverside Rd, Suite 105

Wilmington, DE 19809


Phone: +1 (302) 295-8298

US Toll Free FAX:+1 (888) 327-5175

Email :info@sweans.com

Or at our Indian office

Sweans Technologies Pvt Ltd


Kinfra Techno Industrial Park


Chelembra (PO), 673634

Calicut, Kerala

Ph. +91(494) 3012345



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