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With rich manganese layering technology to improve specific capacity lithium battery

by:UFO      2020-05-22
The chemist at the university of California, Berkeley, with rich manganese layered composite anode technique, make the same weight of lithium ion battery capacity increased 2 times. The battery using the traditional technology of spinel lithium manganese battery anode, spinel structure refers to the three-dimensional arrangement of atoms of the material. In the current lithium ion battery is a kind of imbalance exists between two electrodes, the cathode configuration can accept more charge in order to improve the specific capacity of the battery. Rich manganese layering technology includes two meanings: 1, rich manganese: is refers to the high volume of rich manganese anode, the experiment proved that the lithium battery cathode material has active ingredients and inert ingredients at the same time, the active ingredient through the anode material, charging and discharging lithium ion can move in the positive and negative electrode formation; And inert ingredients help stabilize the active substance, so as to extend battery life. Rich manganese cathode material can bring more than a third of the energy density. 2, layered: refers to the preparation of the battery using two different hierarchical components, make the positive performance for layers of composite structure, therefore, such as coating, material composition and porosity, technology choice needs to be improved. Through layering, lithium battery cathode material matching more reasonable, eventually make the anode material acceptable maximum charge amount. Now with California chemist development of this technique is well supplied system company, the company developed a specific storage battery of 300 wh/kg, and the company hope that through the index of the anode material improvements will increase to 400 wh/kg. Under the condition of the battery negative charge capacity is greater than the positive, the promotion of battery capacity relies mainly on the anode material, this is the reason why rich manganese layering technology, through this technology theoretically can produce real large capacity lithium battery.
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