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Wireless Industrial Emergency Shutdown System

by:UFO      2020-07-18

Wireless Industrial Emergency Shutdown System is made for the bulk plant in order to eliminate costly hard wiring of fixed location emergency stop switches. These systems can be installed within the bulk plant facility in order to communicate with the receiver as well as the controller unit. They are easy to install and any numbers of emergency shutdown system can be installed within the plant facility. They are easy to use and they can work in conjunction with all types of existing hard wired, manual E-Stop switches as well as plant safety controls. One can also add operator worn Emergency Stop remotes to these systems.

The manufacturers are designing these unique devices by using the latest wireless radio remote control functions. They are available in mainly two models- Model ASKM 100-AC and Model DSSF 100-AC. Here is a brief introduction of these two models:

Model ASKM 100-AC:

This is a unique fixed frequency remote emergency stop switch that operates at 433 MHz using two double 'A' batteries. The transmitter of this device is very powerful and it is energized only when E-Stop switch is activated. The battery is also included with a test button that shows a 'low battery' flashing LED on the E-Stop Switch and on the receiver as well as handheld controller unit. The device can work within an operating range up to 1000ft. However, you should remember that these wireless industrial E-Stop switches will not be able to operate during the time when the remote E-Stop transmitter batteries are exhausted.

Model DSSF 100-AC:

This is another important direct sequence, spread spectrum remote emergency stop switch that can operate at 2.4Hz using a rechargeable battery pack. When the system is in work, the E-Stop switch as well as the receiver or controller unit is connected via safe link. Safe link is considered as an exclusive facility that continuously monitors the features. The E-Stop trigger will work automatically during any kinds of little signal loss between the remote E-Stop switches and the receiver as well as the handheld controller unit. The shut down state will continue until the signal is restored again. These devices are included with a powerful transmitter. Generally the high powered E-Stop transmitters possess a transmitter that can operate within the range up to two miles.

One can also connect the transmitter with the back-up power supply as the battery pack will operate for only one week. You can obtain these devices with a backup power of 12/24 VDC, or 120/240 VAC. At the same time these devices are also available with solar power.

Emergency Stop Switch Transmitter Specification:

i. The transmitters are low powered and intrinsically safe devices. They are suitable for using in zone 2, Class I, Div 2, Group D hazardous environment.

ii. All these systems are approved by CSA, CE and FCC as well.

iii. The E-Stop buttons are dual contact.

iv. The system will always fail to trigger automatic E-Stop during the loss of main line electric power supply.

Emergency Stop Switch Receiver/Controller Specification:

i. The receiver/controller can be easily interfaced with electrical, pneumatic, nitrogen, or mechanical plant shut-off equipment.

ii. 12/24VDC or 120/240VAC power supplies are needed to operate the systems.

Wireless Industrial Emergency Shutdown System can be obtained from the manufacturer directly by ordering them. The manufacturers also offer manufacturing warranty with their products.

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