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Windows 8 - Built as PowerSmart Windows

by:UFO      2020-07-19

Reducing power consumption has been in the past the broad topic in developing an OS with reduced power consumption. Now that Windows 8 is out in the market, we can see some PCs operating on batteries and desktop machines especially in workplaces, have significant decrease in the carbon footprint even in standby mood and resume performance.

As in the past, Microsoft developers have been in the process of building an OS, which generally tackles Battery life and power consumption. Microsoft takes in consideration power management as the core of OS capability. They believed in a way that this core is crucial on chips development and goes well too in PC form.

Windows 8 is built as a power efficient and enables the hardware platform to shine through and not restricted on system using SoC-based Windows tablet or PC equipped with SLI. Power management interface is designed within the standard platform, which allows hardware and application partners and developer's innovations and not in any way interfere framework designs and innovations. As Windows 7 delivers significant reduction in power consumption in mobile PC battery life, Windows 8 equally maintains the same level but includes efficiency on existing PC. Another great thing about the Windows is that it enables the Smartphone power to enter on very low-power idle state. This leverage enables Windows 8 PC to have constant connectivity on Smartphone model instant-on features and connectivity.

Windows 8 good power management answers the long time issues on battery life as we are now using mobile devices on battery more than before. Microsoft understands that long battery life demands a whole lot more of coordination between the hardware operating system and of course the application software. Runtime factors still have impact on mobile devices and battery life throws influence on this case.

Windows 8 as power-smart windows does not only focus on battery life but more on the environment impact. The reduction in energy cost is integrated in reducing the cost needed to power and cool the system and thus greenhouse gasses used to produce the energy to power them are reduced in great volume. The impact may look insignificant but with the world's increasing electric consumption, every source that could lead to energy- saving gets attention and PC's are good source of such saving.

As a power-smart windows, Windows 8 has won over the ecosystem battle and gives its users the technologies of long battery life and low- power they been dreaming of for their mobiles and PCs.

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