UFO Battery is a professional supplier of lithium-ion batteries and power solutions.

knowledge Will UFO POWER TECHNOLOGY become an OBM in future?

Will UFO POWER TECHNOLOGY become an OBM in future?

SHENZHEN UFO POWER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is enthusiastic about becoming one of the major producers and exporters of OBM of rechargeable battery pack. We supply the maximum quality merchandise for the marketplace. Each phase in design, manufacturing, and renovation to closing scheduling is performed by an extremely trained group of professionals with years of experience. Manufactured in accordance with standardized manufacturing practices and approaches, our products work well in most facets.
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UFO POWER TECHNOLOGY has a strong advantage in the Portable Car Jump Starter trade area. UFO POWER TECHNOLOGY is mainly engaged in the business of telecom battery and other product series. The product meets international quality standards and can withstand any rigorous quality and performance testing. Its samples can be delivered in 15-35 days. UFO POWER TECHNOLOGY, together with all its employees, provides high quality motive battery and the best service for all costumers. The product is used in communication base stations in Southeast Asian countries.

We are eager to contribute to environmental protection. We will engage in materials recycling work, waste management, and energy & resources conservation work.


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