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Wildfire Protection in FL

by:UFO      2020-07-20

Fire protection in FL is an important concern because brushfires and wildfires are very common during the dry season, and it only takes a touch of wind and a little bad luck to put your family and your home in significant danger. Fire prevention starts by having smoke alarms on each floor of the home, which should give you enough time to gather the family and move them safely from the home. During the Spring, it is also important to pay attention to fire advisories, which may advise you to wet your siding and roof with a hose or, in severe cases, evacuate the premises until further notice.

Is Your Florida Home Fire-wise?

Smoke alarms are just one step toward a fire-wise home. There has been a great deal of research regarding brush and wildfires in Florida, and we can use that information to achieve optimal protection. What we know is that the two most vulnerable aspects of the home during this season are the roof and the immediate exterior of the structure. These two areas combine into what professionals call the home ignition zone, and you can greatly reduce the dangers of brush and wildfires by inspecting and maintaining the roof and immediate ground-level area with fire threats in mind.

Basic Protection

The fire alarm is your basic protection against a house fire. Do not skimp. Opt for high-quality devices that detect smoke, heat and preferably CO, and place a unit at least on every level, including the basement and attic. Optimally, you will have an alarm in each room, and if the devices are battery powered or use a battery backup, be sure to change those batteries once a year regardless of their actual power levels. This is also a good time to test each alarm and go over the evacuation plan with the entire family.

Advanced Protection

The major failing of the standard fire alarm is that it requires someone in the home to hear it and respond, which depending on the speed and ferocity of the fire may not be possible. The better approach is to have the fire alarms integrated into the home security system in your Miami home. This way, when the alarm activates, the 24/7 monitoring station immediately receives an indication of that alarm and acts accordingly. This saves lives because in severe cases the central monitoring station is able to dispatch the fire department and emergency services much faster than the family would be able to.

Omega Security

Omega Security is a leading residential and commercial security firm, and they can install a home security system in your Miami home that defends it from it burglary and fires. Optimal fire protection inFL requires an alarm system that is always on, always monitored, connected, interconnected and interactive. Omega Security of South Florida, Inc. is a Honeywell authorized dealer and can provide all of those features through the Total Connect 2.0 system, which gives you the power of remote access, push notifications and guaranteed uptime.

Omega Security provides commercial and home security systems to FL residents and business owners.

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