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Why Are Li-ion Batteries The Best For Laptops?

by:UFO      2020-07-22

With an increase in internet users throughout the globe, the demand for laptop computers is higher than ever, with Wi-Fi hotspots being made more common the idea of remote connectivity is catching the eyes of millions of potential customers.

The most disposed and replaced part of a laptop is none other than the laptop battery, which over the years has evolved from being made to accommodate only an hour of usage to several hours of usage when the lithium ion technology was amalgamated into it, breathing new life to the laptop industry which was threatened due to the lack of portability the old batteries provided.

Lithium ion batteries have a much higher conductivity and a low resistance, compared to the older models. Delivering an efficient battery life, but that battery also needs to be replaced after a year or so, depending on the duration mentioned by the manufacturer. With the passage of time the lithium ion battery wears out, consequently increasing its resistance rendering it unable to perform adequately.

As they say 'every dark cloud has a silver lining' well, so does this grey situation! You see when the batteries are to be replaced obviously a new one is to be bought; those new batteries generate thousands of dollars in income and advertisement opportunities in the form of websites that sell these products. Laptop batteries are exclusively usable for the model for which they were originally designed. You can have entire stores or websites dedicated to only selling laptop batteries.

5 Reasons that Lithium Ion batteries are better choice than Nickel Metal-Hydride ones:

1. The lithium ion battery, as mentioned earlier, provides much lower resistance compared to nickel metal-hydride batteries which results in efficiency of power consumption.

2. The lithium ion battery has a lower chance of overheating than the older models, keeping your laptops hardware safe from heat damage.

3. It weighs much lighter than nickel batteries of the same energy equivalence

4. The lithium ion batteries are considered as environmentally safe components as Lithium metal is not naturally found.

5. They are free of the memory effect, which causes batteries to store lesser and lesser amounts of energy with the passage of time.

The conclusion which can be drawn from these facts is the lithium ion battery industry has never seemed this attractive and it continues to emerge as a multimillion dollar industry. Now is the best time to have your share of the profit and become a part of this blooming sector.

Source: needbattery.com/laptop

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