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Which Tablets Suits You the Best

by:UFO      2020-07-23

All of us are aware of the remarkable progress and reach that technology has made in past few decades. No one and nothing is left untouched by Technology and it wouldn't be exaggeration if we would say -It has now become necessity in our lives. There is hardly any home, school or office without a computer; and a personalized computing device has become an integral part of individual's personality. Tablets, with all the attributes of a computer plus mobility, are the best and most popular addition to our tech-friendly generation. These tablets are fast, light and can be carried along by just hiding in your jacket pocket. Here at ShopClues.com we want to help you with your tablet purchase.

Apple being the pioneer to come up with its exclusive tablet - iPad, introduced iPad 1, iPad 2 & is expected to release its 3rd version. With some technology giants, including Dell, Samsung, Sony, HP and more coming in tablet manufacturing, it has became the most sought after device. We are here with few suggestions to help you decide if a tablet is right for you, and which tablet best fits your needs and budget.

Screen Size: Usually the most common range is 7' to 10.1'. Big size is not always the necessity, 4' by 5' and 6' by 8' fits for home users & amateurs, say Lenovo's IdeaPad. Tablets above 7' screen are always preferred by businessmen or professionals carrying out intensive work on the move. Widely known in this range are Samsung Galaxy Note 7', 9.7' Apple iPad.

Data Storage: Many tablets hitting the market have internal memory of upto 2GB & have expandable storage capacity of upto 4, 16, 32 & 64GB. Being highly capacitive, these tablets can carry data, songs, videos, movies while travelling long distances, going to college or even while preparing a presentation. Most of the Android and Windows 7 tablets have an SD card slot for Eg. Sony 16GB Android Tablet.

Web Access: Tablets have the inevitable access to the Internet giving one-in-all solutions to net savvy people. Internet can be accessed through Wi-Fi, USB dongles and even through Mobile SIM cards. Youngsters can download games, videos, songs & professionals can check mails, do net banking, prepare their to-do list & so on.

Battery Life: Many youngsters like watching movies, songs and videos on the move, while professionals needs to be connected with their work and clients; one important question that comes to your mind - how long the battery would work after a full charge? Apple iPad claims a battery life of 10 to 12 hours on a charge, making it perfect for busy professionals. Samsung claims 7 hours of HD video playback on Galaxy Tab so you can enjoy your favorite audio and video on the go.

Operating System: Tablets are equipped with many operating systems such as Android 3.0-3.2 Honeycomb, BlackBerry Tablet OS, and Windows 7. Samsung Galaxy Tab 680 is supported by Android 3.2 (Honeycomb), iPad is supported by iOS and Sony 9.4' tablet runs on Android OS v3.2.

Apps: Pre-installed apps mostly vary with the brand and make of the tablet you choose. iPads have very useful built-in apps like newsstand, FaceTime and Photo Booth which are highly used by youngsters. Apps store in tablets let you download paid/free apps as per your requirements. For Eg. personal information management (PIM) can be used by professionals to store their calendar, scheduler, document viewer.

Camera: Tablets have no lens features than that of a digital camera which include high resolution, flash, auto focus, shot mode and photo effects to give you the best clarity images. It also allows you to capture & store videos while you are out for a tour or picnic with friends. Samsung galaxy tab 680 features 3MP/2MP whereas iPad features 2 cameras - one on front & one on the back. The front camera puts you and your friend face-to-face, back camera will allow you to share where you are or what's going on around you, while you're on a video call.

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