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What You Need to Know About Power Supply for RVs


RV camping is increasingly becoming popular nowadays. Electricity is a must in our daily life, it is also indispensablel for powering electric appliance when enjoying recreational vehicles. So where does the electricity come from in the recreational vehicle? Is there any solution if the electricity of recreational vehicle is insufficient to run more electric appliances?

Recreational vehicles, as a combination of house and vehicle, the power supply is different. It is divided into two modes- 12V direct current and 220V alternating current. Here are some ways of power supply for recreational vehicles.

1. Battery For Power Supply

There are a variety of different RV battery choices on the market, as Shakespeare said, there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes. Different campers have their own choice of battery for their RVs. Here are some of the most commom choices:

Lead-acid battery

Lead acid battery is cheap for use. Lead acid batteries don’t make electricity they store electricity to supply power. Deep-cycle batteries are a type of lead-acid battery that used for RVs. A deep-cycle battery produces a steady amount of current over a longer period of time, which is different from car batteries that create a lot of current over a short period of time. Deep cycle batteries come in a variety of subtypes, including flooded wet-cell batteries, absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries, and gel-type batteries. But all these batteries have one thing in common: they need a lot of maintenance and short cycle life.

Lithium batteries

With the improvement of battery technology, lithium batteries has gained more popularity now. It is an good alternative to traditional lead-acid batteries, including the deep cycle batteries for most modern RVs. Many campers who rig their RVs for solar power generation upgrade to lithium batteries, which, though expensive, offer a variety of benefits over other types: they’re lighter in weight, smaller, and don’t require the same kind of tedious maintenance other types of batteries do. (For example, wet cell batteries require you to check and replenish electrolyte levels, whereas lithium batteries are set-it for once) Besides, lithium batteries have a much longer lifespan than other battery types, and are typically rated for 5,000 cycles — as opposed to the 400 or so cycles most lead-acid batteries get. Battery safety is of great importance for RV campers, choosing a lithium battery with professional BMS (battery management system) like UFO lithium battery is necessary to improve the safety. Rigorous product production and testing process is required for the high safety of lithium battery. LiFePO4 battery is a type of lithium battery with high stability without catch fire which is good for RVs. 

What are the other ways of power supply when traveling outdoor? Here are other three ways to get electricity.

2. Solar Power Generation

Solar power system is also a popular equipment for many campers because it can satisfy the need for some essential appliances within the RVs such as lighting, exhaust fan, etc. Solar power system is a supplement of other charging types. The power of solar panels that you install relys on the power you need for the electric appliances. The power in the range of 300w-400w can ensure the normal operation of interior lighting and other small appliances. The mounting way and quality of solar panels material including frame, supporting material will affect the lifetime of solar panels. 

3. Utility Power Supply

Utility power is another source of power supply. Lots of camps now have access to utility power, therefore, it is able to solve some electricity problems for campers. But if you go for an adventure where is not well developed, you have to turn to other types of power supply because this option may not be feasible.

4. Generator

Portable power generator is a convenient way which can help to supply 220V power directly. Although it brings some conveniences, the noise produced by generators may be troublesome. It can be noisy to use generator for electricity supply in a quiet camping night. Besides, you have to frequently move the generators and do some wiring for using the generators before you enjoy the camping trip. If the RVs are equipped with a certain amount of lithium battery, thing could become easier. A camping trip with peace of mind can be provided by the connection of lithium-ion battery and inverter. It is almost wiser, just as comfortable as staying at home. 

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