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What's the matter with lithium battery pack not discharging?

by:UFO      2020-01-07
The phenomenon that the lithium battery pack does not discharge: the lithium battery pack is loaded into the equipment after charging, the equipment cannot work, and the open circuit voltage of the battery pack does not change or changes little. 1) Check whether the battery/battery pack has zero voltage and high internal resistance; 2) Whether there is any damage to the electronic components and protection circuit in the battery pack; 3)Check whether the discharge circuit of the equipment is normal. 4) Whether the pole ear is broken or not, and the lithium battery pack with open circuit is not discharged: 1) Connect the equipment with fully charged batteries of the same type/battery pack, and whether the equipment works normally; 2) Use a multimeter to check whether the electronic components connected to the battery and the protection circuit are normal. 3) Repeat the zero voltage step analysis and treatment of the single battery; 4) If the discharge circuit of the electrical appliance is abnormal, it is recommended that the customer repair and replace the electrical appliance in time; 5) If the customer does not modify the battery pack by himself, special technicians are required to make further analysis.
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