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What Makes A Philips Baby Monitor So Special?

by:UFO      2020-07-29

Since the development of the Philips Baby Monitor, parents are now finding their stress levels decreasing and comfort levels elevated. In the eyes of concerned parents, baby monitors are counted among one of the best inventions since the round wheel! Whether you are a first-time or experienced parent, a new born baby is always a life changing experience.

Trying to find the right monitor, which guarantees the child's safety, might be reasonably tough. Technical terminology will get confusing, and add in the countless amounts of brands available, it is not heard to see why a new parent could easily get frustrated.

Let's look at a few vital statistics that will help clarify your needs.

A first-time parent's key goal is the safety of their child and peace of mind. Try looking for a monitor which guarantees no signal interference. Previously, these monitors picked up signals from cord-less telephones along with other baby monitors. Children were kidnapped when sick-minded people 'listened in' or when children in distress went unheard due to signal interference. Also, the chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or Cot Death, are frightening. A signal that's clear enough to satisfy concerned parents by clearly hearing that their infant is still breathing justifies this feature enough.

Even without signal interference, a short operating range is useless. Naturally you will want to communicate or hear your child regardless of where you are. Consider a monitor with lengthy-range operating ability.

Adjustable sound sensitivity is essential. A chance to monitor the newborn's smallest movement is really a reassuring step to consider. Without clear sound(s), you can not respond if the TV is blaring or if you are too far away to physically hear your child.

A few parents have expressed their opinion concerning the sound sensitivity and say that it's either unsatisfying or it does not perform as advertised. However, on the top quality models, this shouldn't be a problem with the monitor itself, but just a matter of setting it to the preferred sound volume. Technical assistance is justified in such instances.

The baby device with LED lights is a personal preference. This feature permits you to 'mute' the system and the lights will alert parents of potential disturbances when the baby is in a different room. Some parents believe that LED lights are too bright, especially when they are trying to sleep.

The ability to speak to your child even if you are busy in another area of the home is consoling to the two of you. At times, you can hum a lullaby or speak in a loving tone to calm your infant, without having to stop your work. If all this sounds appealing, you will want to check out the 'talk back' feature from the parent unit.

Most babies get frightened of the dark but its nightlight feature proves an amazing, added attraction to lessen an infant's fear factor.

For that baby monitor itself, a light-weight, handheld parent unit that clips on your waist or belt might be a good choice. Also, because you will not want the annoyance of constantly changing your batteries, pick one which has a rechargeable battery pack and low battery indicators. Quality models are fitted with battery backup for everybody just in case of blackouts. A great option to consider might be the ability to plug it into a wall outlet and switch to battery mode when travelling or once the electricity has gone out.

Choosey parents have come to like the Philips Baby Monitor for reliability and luxury.

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