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What kind of packing is provided for rv marine battery ?

SHENZHEN UFO POWER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. has some general packaging guidelines that could help you prepare your package for transport. To find out more, please consult with our Customer Support. We make certain the packaging we select is ideal for your merchandise. We're enthusiastic about our packing methods.
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With diligent staff employed, UFO is more couraged to provide better 24v lifepo4 battery as well. UFO POWER TECHNOLOGY's main products include lithium ion battery pack series. 100% garments quality inspection for UFO best ups power supply will be carried out. The inspection mainly checks if there are broken stitches, puckering, stain/dirt spot, skipped stitches, untrimmed threads, and poor washing effect. The product has longer charging and discharging cycle times than conventional lead-acid, AGM, gel batteries. The product effectively serves various application purposes. The product can achieve 99% efficiency.
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