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What is Vehicle Tracking And How Can it be Used?

by:UFO      2020-07-26

Vehicle Tracking, also known as GPS Vehicle Tracking is the culmination of a small GPS enabled tracking device and a network of satellites that orbits the planet. The GPS Tracking device is attached in a discrete location of the vehicle and this regularly transmits its location co-ordinates, via the satellite network to a central computer system where they can be accessed for analysis and interpretation.

Why use a tracking system?

Vehicles are expensive assets, for both businesses and consumers and if lost or stolen they can often render a business useless or family stranded. With a GPS Tracking device fitted it makes it much easier for the police and authorities to track the vehicle down, recover it and apprehend those responsible for it going missing.

These systems sound expensive?

Not any more. Vehicle Tracking Systems are now readily available in most leading motor supplies shops and over the internet. The reduction in production costs means that they are much more readily available to consumers and much cheaper aswell.

One of the positives of a Vehicle Tracking system is that it could actually help to reduce your insurance costs aswell, as it increases the chances of the vehicle being recovered so the insurance companys don't have to pay out as much!

Are they difficult to fit?

In most cases now. It is advised that the systems are hard wired into the electric systems of the car because naturally if they run off a battery it doesn't take long for the battery to run flat and the device stops transmitting the signal - so the car gets lost. The device should always be fitted in a discrete location in the car aswell. You don't want it being found to easily and it being disabled in any shape or form.

So who can benefit from a Vehicle Tracking System?

Anyone who owns a vehicle basically. The tracking devices are ideal for business and fleet management but also for the consumer who just wants to put his / her mind at rest should the worst happen to their motor.

In a business environment the Vehicle GPS Tracking device makes it possible for the business to know the exact whereabouts of its vehicles, in real time. Depending on the type of business this could improve the customer service and reduce their fuel costs as they deploy vehicles to locations that are closest to them - so actually the small cost of fitting a vehicle tracking device could play dividends in the long run.

Finally for businesses, fitting a tracking device to an employees vehicle could be seen as as an act of duty of care towards the employee, especially if they are clocking up many miles up and down the country. If the vehicle breaks down and the employee becomes stranded then the exact location of that incident can be pinpointed and a recovery team sent out to assist.

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