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What is so Special About Robomaid Vacuum Cleaner?

by:UFO      2020-07-25

The Robomaid vacuum cleaner - or Robomaid brush kit, as it is also known - is a package with several unique features.

Robomaid is an all American brand for the purpose of making automatic robotic vacuum cleaners that make your life easier. For sure, you have better things to do with your time than spend it on cleaning your house and floor every day. So, the Robomaid vacuum cleaner is completely automatic and has some of the best features compared to the vacuum cleaners of the yesteryears. Counting these features is a good way of assessing the quality and efficiency of the Robomaid.

The USP of Robomaid is that it is automatic, and the first and most important feature of it lies here. Robomaid can come back to the docking station or charging point all by itself whenever the charge in it is finished. A fully charged battery can give up to 100 square meters of cleaning, and after that, the battery needs to be charged for 3-4 hours. If the battery charge finishes before the whole cleaning is done then Robomaid will return to the docking station to charge itself, and according to your programming with the remote control, Robomaid will start cleaning again if that is how you want to work it.

Robomaid is automatic and completely safe for almost all kinds of floor surfaces. Be it marble, tiles, vinyl, plain concrete, or even wood/timber. Robomaid cleans it all. The rubber wheels of this robotic vacuum cleaner save the floor from getting scratched. It can also clean carpets and climb from floor to carpet or climb down as well. It can climb up to 1.8cm of height, so it is automatic all over again.

Robomaid is also known as Robomaid brush kit because it has two distinct brushes to clean the floor and the corners. As the shape of this vacuum cleaner is round, it cannot reach the corners. But with the side brush, it can clean the corners of the walls and also the legs and stands of the furniture. The main brush is a fast moving hard brush which collects any type of dirt, dust, sand, debris, hair, pet fur or such things with it and stores in the built-in dustbin.

The automatic nature of the Robomaid vacuum cleaner extends to the movement of it as well. The stair and ledge detectors make sure that when you have let it clean the hallway or any high surface, it should not fall down and damage itself. When it comes near any sudden height drop, the stair detecting sensors pull it away and it goes back to the regular flat surface for cleaning. So, this means that you do not have to keep a constant eye on it to keep it safe from the height fall.

Robomaid brush kit does not only clean the floor. There is an UV lamp inside it, and the UV rays kill the germs on the floor. if you remain worried that your kids will pick up bacteria and other germs if they play on the floor, the Robomaid vacuum cleaner will wipe out all your worries.

The Robomaid vacuum cleaner is completely automatic, and comes with a remote control to help you control its actions and use it without any hassle, for the aim in making this robotic vacuum cleaner was to reduce work load and give you freedom.

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