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What Is Lithium-ion Battery Pack?


What is lithium battery pack?

The words batteries and cells are used interchangeably but the difference is that a cell is the most indivisible part of the battery which stores power and a battery can be made of many cells.

A single lithium-ion cell is hard to supply power for applications which require high capacity, sufficient voltage and current. So how to supply sufficient power for high power application. It needs the assembly of battery cells. Adding more battery cells in series to increase the voltage or adding cells in parallel to increase the current capacity is called battery module. When it comes to some specific application, such as energy storage. Here is where lithium battery pack comes into play. Lithium battery pack refers to the assembly of several battery modules into a specific form according to customer requirement. Battery PACK mainly consists of batteries module, bus-bar, flexible coupling, PCB, external packing, plastic bracket and other auxiliary materials. The design of battery pack is also of great importance to improve the security of battery. In case of security accident, choosing battery packs manufactured from experienced battery pack company like UFO BATTERY is essential. 

So, what kind of battery cells are used for lithium battery pack?

Three types of lithium chemistry in the lithium battery pack

In order to choose the right battery for your project, you’ll need to know three main specifications: the voltage, current, and energy capacity requirements of your project. There are three main types of lithium battery cells available for most projects: lithium ion (li-ion), lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), and lithium polymer batteries (li-po). And the three popular shape of cells are: Cylindrical Cell, Pouch cell, Prismatic cell. 


In battery pack assembly, every single cell is an important part of the pack which influence the performance of battery pack. To choose good quality battery cells and proper battery specification is required. Does the battery cells in lithium battery pack are tested before assembling? If you choose a good brand lithium battery pack, such as UFO lithium battery pack, the answer is YES. 

What are the test items of battery cells in battery pack building?

1、Voltage: Use multimeter to test whether the voltage is normal.

2、Internal resistance: With an internal resistance test device, the internal resistance can be tested easily. 


4、Dimension: Use calipers to test the length, width and height.

5. Other items

The appearance, hardness, weight of cells are also significant for the battery quality. The appropriate hardness means that the cell is in good quality.

What is the feature of lithium battery pack?

(1) The lithium battery pack has complete function which can be used in different kind of applications directly. Besides, the battery packs are flexible for different application. There are multiple battery packs can be applied for the same application.

(2) Lithium battery PACK requires a high degree of consistency, including the capacity, internal resistance, voltage, discharge curve, service life.

(3) The lithium battery pack are used in certain condition. The charge mode, the current of charging and discharging, the temperature and humidity, vibration condition and other factors are strict for using lithium battery pack.

(4) The battery voltage and capacity are greatly improved after the lithium battery pack is formed. Therefore, the monitoring of charge balance, temperature, voltage and over-current are necessary in order to protect the lithium battery pack from damage. Furthermore, some lithium battery pack with high voltage and current, such as battery pack for e-vehicle, energy storage system are required the equipment of CAN, RS485 and other communication bus and the battery management system which help monitor the performance of battery. A BMS from good quality company can enhance the safety of battery packs. UFO Lithium Battery is such kind of battery pack manufacturer who has its BMS R&D team to cater to customers’ demand for customized lithium battery.  Find more about UFO POWER BMS: https://www.ufo-battery.com/battery-bms.

The assembling technique of lithium battery pack

The assembly of lithium battery pack are implemented in two ways.

(1) One is welding. Through laser or ultrasonic welding or pulse welding, the battery pack can be more reliable but it will be inconvenient to replace the battery.

(2) The other one is the connection of elastic sheet without welding which make the replacement of lithium battery easier. The downside is that it may lead to poor contact.


The battery pack company has their own structure design of PACK and production workshop which can develop and design of PACK independently according to customers’ requirement. After the customized demand of lithium battery pack is confirmed by customer, including the confirmation of lithium battery solution, battery specification, battery sample. Finally, the production line carry out production processing and quality inspection are requested before shipment. Battery safety is what people emphasized when using battery for power supply. High quality lithium battery cells are inherently safe by design. And the design of battery pack is also of great importance to improve the security of battery. Some of the bad reputation of lithium battery are due to flawed design. In case of security accident, choosing battery packs manufactured from experienced battery pack company is essential. If you are looking for a reliable battery pack manufacturer and supplier, UFO BATTERY is worthy of being on the waiting list which has more than ten years experience in battery pack manufacturing and has its own BMS R&D Team, everything for battery pack are go through in detail by experienced engineers to optimize safety of lithium battery pack. 

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