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What Are The Main Components of a Computer System

by:UFO      2020-07-31

Each part has a purpose and this list will help give you a brief idea of what the purpose if for each.

Tower: The tower or computer case is there to protect the components inside. The case works to protect the parts against electrical shock, dirt and other sources of danger that surround your computer.

Power Supply: The power supply is found secure inside your tower and offers the main source of power to the motherboard and other components such as your hard drive and Rom drives. The power supply can be changed out for a larger wattage one to ensure better power and cooling to the parts installed on your system.

Motherboard: The motherboard acts as the heart of the computer where everything ties into it and works from it. The slots on the motherboard are available for an assortment of components such as the CPU, memory, video, sound, TV tuners etc.

CPU: The central processing unit, otherwise known simply as the CPU is the brains of the system. The CPU will give orders to the operating system and tell it where to look on the motherboard for the necessary components to make it work.

RAM: Memory or RAM, random access memory is the temporary storage on your system that helps it run faster. Every time you open a program it stores in the memory to ensure that the program or application runs smoothly. The more memory or RAM you have installed on your system the faster your programs will run and the less likely you are to experience lock ups and system freezing.

Video: The video offers an outlet for displaying images, text and other items on your display. Without the video there would be no image displayed and you would not be able to properly use your system. You may hear system noises, but you won't be able to see a thing.

Hard Drive: The hard drive stores all your systems data, applications, programs and files in a long term setting. The more storage you have the better but the speed of the hard drive is equally important to the storage space, if not more important.

In addition to the internal hardware listed above, you will also need a keyboard, mouse and monitor in order for the system to work and to be able to use it properly.

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In this article we will examine the main constituent parts which make up program management as carried out by a program manager.

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