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What are the advantages and disadvantages of lithium ion batteries?

by:UFO      2020-01-04
Advantages of lithium ion battery Li-polymer battery has high voltage, and the working voltage of single battery is as high as 3. 7 ~ 3. 8V (Lithium iron phosphate battery is 3. 2 V), Is Ni-Cd, Ni-3 times of H battery. Large capacity, the material can reach a specific capacity of more than 150 mAh/g, specific energy 3 ~ 4 times Ni-Cd, 2 ~ 3 times Ni-MH. The cycle life is long, generally reaching more than 500 times, even more than 1000 times, and lithium iron phosphate can reach more than 2000 times. Good safety performance, no pollution, no memory effect. Li-with small self-discharge and full charge at room temperature- The self-discharge rate of ion Batteries after one month of storage is about 2%, which is much lower than Ni-Cd and Ni-MH battery. It can charge and discharge quickly. The capacity of 1C charging for 30 minutes can reach more than 80% of the nominal capacity. Now the phosphorus iron battery can reach 90% of the nominal capacity in 10 minutes. The working temperature range is high, and the working temperature is- 25 ~ 45 °C, with the improvement of electrolyte and positive electrode, it is expected to expand-40 ~ 70 °C. Defect qualification rate of lithium ion batteries: the unqualified rate is high, and about 1% of polymer lithium ion batteries are unqualified for various reasons. Not resistant to charging: When overcharging, excessive embedded lithium ions will be permanently fixed in the lattice and cannot be released, which can shorten the battery life. Not resistant to discharge: during overdischarge, the electrode is detached and embedded with too many lithium ions, which can lead to lattice collapse, thus shortening the service life. High cost: such as olivine lithium iron phosphate material with high safety (There is no theoretical danger of explosion) , Long service life, high current charge and discharge and other excellent performance. However, high production cost and low material bulk density are not conducive to production control. In addition, lithium ion batteries need multiple protection mechanisms: Since wrong use will reduce the service life and may even lead to explosion, various protection mechanisms are added in the design of lithium ion batteries. Such as protection circuit: prevent overcharge, overdischarge, overload and overheating.
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