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Vibration Power to Replace Battery Power

by:UFO      2020-08-01

Batteries have long been the main source of power for such portable electronics as led devices, television remotes, and other low-energy devices. However, a recent company has been attempting to replace standard batteries with a form of battery that can be quickly recharged with a vigorous shake.

Currently, standard rechargeable batteries use very toxic chemicals while standard batteries run out quickly and fill landfills. Bother Industries, a Japanese electronics firm, has created a battery that is charged by vibration and can produce up to 3.2V of energy. Even though these batteries deliver a very small amount of power, many industry analysts say that the ability to charge batteries with vibration is a large breakthrough.

These new batteries, still in prototype form, can be used to replace either AAA or AA batteries. They work in a similar way to a bicycle, using a dynamo to spin a magnet that charges up what is mostly otherwise a standard battery. The only difference is that these batteries do not use any form of toxic chemicals and can be recharged without degrading that much. So far, there are no plans to commercialize the batteries, but they definitely have a large amount of potential.

Two batteries can deliver a voltage together of about 3.2V. This is just the right amount to power a very low energy device, such as a remote control. A full charge can power such a remote for somewhere between 10 and 30 button presses. Recharging the batteries takes ten to thirty seconds of shaking at a relatively low frequency. For some devices it may even be enough to walk around with the device in one's pocket. It would take longer to fully recharge, but it would work eventually. The batteries can also be charged while they are in a device. With greater capacity, it is possible that these batteries could eventually create a cell phone that would never need to be plugged into a wall.

This is not the only company that has been working on recharging batteries or powering devices through motion or other natural events. For example, recently a UK company developed prototypes of boots that generate power based on the heat in a person's feet. Just wearing these boots for a twelve hours can generate enough electricity to recharge a cell phone. While neither this nor the batteries are ready for primetime yet, given that they do not generate enough power to be practical, they are simply a step on the way to eliminate disposable batteries.

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