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Vaporizers vs Smoking

by:UFO      2020-08-02

Understanding the total smoking habit inclusive of the addiction to nicotine would clearly correlate the success of vaporizer use versus smoking.

The Smoker

The smoker is the generational remains of a once fashionable statement. Smoking is no longer fashionable nor is it even a societal acceptance but for the smoker it is a relentless addition with a body fully succumbed to and by the habit.

Nicotine is addictive and a smoker without a fix has withdrawal symptoms as any other addiction deprivation does. Symptoms can be as mild as a headache and fidgeting sensations to physical illness, severe muscle aches, emotional breakdown, anger with overwhelming aggressiveness and a gamut as wide as the spectrum of color.

The mind and body are totally engaged in the habit of the smoker's addiction. A mental association of time and activity may be a developed cue to smoke such as drinking a cup of coffee, after a meal or a break in the work schedule. Whatever time the smoker smokes routinely, the mind takes a mental note and associates smoking with that time or activity. When the smoker misses that time cue the body screams for nicotine fix and mind short circuits over a program malfunction.

Most smokers will tell you they hate the smell of smoke and will spend a like amount funding concealing their habit as they do on the cost of the habit.

The body is very much involved in the smoking habit with the actual act of smoking. Smoking takes an action in lifting the cigarette to the mouth with the hand, flicking the ashes and snuffing the fire out in an ashtray. Any action done continuously forms a habit in of itself. When a smoker tries to quit, even with a nicotine replacement step down approach, they often fail because the mind and body are at a loss of what they should be doing with coffee or break time or even with their hands.

Over time smoking becomes more than just an addition and habit, but a cure all deception for stress or emotional duress.

Second Hand Smoke and Health

The effects of second hand smoke are almost worse than those to the smoker. We all know the effects on the lungs and cardio vascular system but what may not be as widely known is smoking's depletion of vitamins associated to immunity protection of the body.

Vaporizers and Quitting the Habit

Technology has made a breakthrough in helping smoker's break free from their debilitating habit by addressing all associated habits and thoughts inclusive of the act of smoking.

Imagine holding a lightweight plastic stick sized as a cigarette that actually looks like a cigarette. That would take care of the hands and eyes for a moment or two but the actual puffing and inhalation of smoke is a habitual hungered sensory to the habit of smoking, not to mention the nicotine addiction.

What if that plastic stick was actually a cigarette sized vaporizer that emitted steam from a light up end each time you puffed on it and when you inhaled you had the sensory of smoke and a visible vapor on exhale? What if that cigarette looking vaporizer also had a step down approach to address nicotine withdrawal symptoms and came in a variety of flavor sensations including menthol and cigarette flavor?

Would you say that this could be the best scientific break though in addressing the total addiction issues of quitting the smoking habit?

The Product Kit to Freedom

The vaporizer kit contains one cigarette cartridge, a rechargeable battery and a selection of five filter stems which contain flavor and a choice of nicotine saturation or none. Each 'filter' is comparable to twenty cigarettes or the standard pack of cigarettes.

There is no flame, no smell, no smoke, no sticky tar residue to linger on walls or yellow teeth; just a dissipating vapor. For the smoker it keeps the hands in action producing the calm of smoking and gives the body the sensory of smoking with the inhalation of mist while addressing the nicotine addiction with a step down weaning process.

The vapor cigarette or electronic cigarette looks so real with its light up end and vapor mist exhale 'smoke' that people may request you put it out. The electronic cigarette goes to places where traditional cigarette smoking is banned.

Vaporizer cigarette use is not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers due to the nicotine cartridge and strictly enforced availability to those eighteen years of age and older.

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