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Using common seven lithium-ion batteries

by:UFO      2020-05-15
With the high-speed development of science and technology level, the using range and function of lithium-ion batteries are self-evident, but in our daily life accident lithium-ion batteries always emerge in endlessly, always haunt us, in view of this, small make up special finishing the reason of the lithium ion common problem analysis and solving measures, hope to provide convenience for you. Self-discharge caused by low voltage

batteries self-discharge, make its voltage is lower than other fast, low voltage can be eliminated by storage after check voltage. Charged inequality caused by low voltage

battery testing when charged, because the contact resistance or inconsistent test tank charged current batteries charged. Store in a short time ( 12 hours) When measuring voltage difference is small, but the long-term stored voltage difference is bigger, the low voltage and no quality problem, can be solved by charging. In production for over 24 hours after charged voltage measurement. Testing equipment differences

if precision is not enough or not eliminate electric group, the contact will cause display internal resistance is big, the principle of ac bridge method should be adopted to test resistance testing instrument. Storage time is too long

lithium batteries for too long, thereby causing loss to the capacity is too big, passivation, internal resistance, can be solved by filling put activation. Cause abnormal heat resistance much

batteries in processing ( Spot welding, ultrasonic, etc. ) Make a battery abnormal heat, closes the diaphragm produce hot phenomenon, serious internal resistance increases. Expand on lithium battery

lithium battery when charging, lithium battery will naturally produce inflation, but is generally not more than 0. 1 mm, but the charge will cause the electrolyte decomposition, the internal pressure increases, lithium battery. Processing expansion when the general is abnormal processing (

Such as short circuit and overheating, etc. ) Cause excessive internal heat decomposition of the electrolyte, lithium battery. Loop expansion

battery in the loop, the thickness will be as the cycle number increases, but after more than 50 weeks time basic is not increased, the normal amount in 0. 3 to 0. 6 mm, aluminum shell is relatively serious, cause this kind of phenomenon belongs to normal cell reaction. But if increasing the thickness of the shell or reduce internal materials may be appropriately reduced inflation.

after four, spot welding, battery power phenomenon

aluminum batteries after welding voltage is lower than 3. 7 v, usually because of spot welding current is too large the batteries inside the diaphragm breakdown and short circuit, voltage drops too fast.

is commonly caused by spot welding position is not correct, the correct welding position should be at the bottom or marked 'A' or '- 'Side welding, logos and bedding face side is not spot welding. Others is spot welding nickel with poor solderability, so must use large spot welding current, the internal high temperature resistant adhesive tape can not work, due to internal short circuit batteries.

battery power after a spot welding is partly because of its high self-discharge battery itself. Overcharge explosion

protection circuit out of control or test tank is out of control charging voltage is greater than 5 v, cause the electrolyte decomposition, violent reaction, inside the battery internal pressure rise quickly, the battery explosion. Over-current explosion

protection circuit is out of control or the test cabinet is out of control the charging current is too large to cause embedded lithium ion too late, and in the formation of lithium metal sheet surface, the membrane, are directly short-circuit negative explosion ( Rarely happen) 。 Ultrasonic welding plastic shell exploded when

ultrasonic welding plastic shell, the equipment makes the ultrasonic energy transferred to the battery core, ultrasonic energy is ambassador melt inside the battery diaphragm, directly across the short circuit, produce explosion. Spot welding

when the explosion spot welding current is too large will cause serious internal short circuit when the explosion, in addition, the positive connection piece directly with negative associative when spot welding, that is negative direct short circuit after the explosion. Discharge explosion

battery electric discharge or exile ( More than 3 c) Easy to dissolve the cathode copper foil to the diaphragm is negative direct short circuit produce explosion ( Rarely happen) 。 Blast vibration fall

batteries inside the batteries resulted from the violent vibration or fall plate dislocation, direct serious short circuit and explosion ( Rarely happen) 。

6, 3 battery. Inspection ark sampling is not allowed or ark instability caused by low test platform. The environment temperature is too low to cause low platform ( Discharge platform is highly affected by the ambient temperature) Seven, improper processing

1) Mobile hard spot welding caused the positive connection piece batteries positive poor contact, make the cell internal resistance.

( 2) Spot welding connection piece not welded, contact resistance is big, to make the battery internal resistance.

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