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UPS Units Monitoring in Informational Systems

by:UFO      2020-08-05

Data protection

In times when the amount of stored data, its significance, and above all, its value, increase rapidly, its protection is crucial. An absence of electricity in the power supply network is very dangerous to electronic devices. In order to protect against such an eventuality, the UPS system is used (Uninterrupted Power Supply). However, they are not unfailing. In order to ensure the stability of the functioning of UPS supporting systems in a modern and effective way, we offer the Monitoring of UPS units in informational systems. It utilizes NPE 9201-GPRS computers. This is an affordable, failure-free, cutting edge and, above all, effective solution. Technology adjusted to conditions

NPE with additional equipment effects the monitoring over UPS units and computers under protection. The exact measurements of electrical parameters are taken and analyzed in real-time. In the event of the occurrence of any sort of problem, the system takes actions with the purpose of restoring desired values and protecting data. At the same time, information is sent through the Internet and GSM network (text messaging) to the administrator or service team, who can react immediately.


Some UPS units make logical connections through serial connections possible. They are equipped with communicational capabilities allowing for the monitoring of the parameters of the UPS and the power supply (voltage, load values, battery run time). NPE computers utilize the universally used SNMP protocol for system communication, which can be effectively realized by means of a program (without additional hardware modifications).

System control

Thanks to control based on the SNMP protocol; the administrator can make each UPS connected in NPE an independent network current node. This simplifies and improves control. In the event of the freezing of the server, the administrator can carry out a remote restart by turning off the UPS providing feed to the server. This allows the shut-down of the operating system in a way preventing the damaging of files. Compatibility with the SNMP protocol makes sending information concerning the power supply to any administrative server connected (for egzample by converter rs232 ethernet) to the Ethernet network possible. The GSM network can also be utilized through used of the Fastrack supreme 20 GSM/GPRS/EDGE modem.

Planned reaction

Using NPE gprs industrial computer, the UPS system can be set to carry out appropriate reactions to specific events concerning the power supply. This allows for the planning of the method of action in emergency situations; preventing cessation of function of the informational system and data loss. This makes the system very flexible.

Effective protection

The devices supplying power to the UPS protect against an emergency in the power supply, but without the NPE industrial computer allowing for automatic shut-down, this protection would be insufficient. The automatic disconnection of protected systems and management of the power supply has strategic importance for the safe functioning of every informational system. NPE and additional equipment have an effect on reducing (and often eliminating) the amount of damage to the hardware and shortening the time of emergency.

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