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UK Power Supply Could be in Jeopardy

by:UFO      2020-08-06

A research report produced by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) suggests that the UK's power networks could be on tender hooks.

The research project looked into future power supply in the UK and Europe and discovered that the demand for power could outstrip supply by 2030, leading to major losses of power.

It has been stated that more action needs to be taken to speed-up policy reform and remove investment barriers to enable energy supply, efficiency and affordability to be retained in the long term.

Furthermore, to make sure that their operations can continue organisations employ a number of measures including uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units, to make sure that their power is secure even if there is a disruption.

This week it was revealed that the demand for UPS manufacturers had increased in areas of Pakistan because of the regular occurrence of power outages.

Additionally, the PwC paper, called The Shape of Power to Come, seeking opinions from 72 power and utilities organisations in 43 countries on their growing concerns with regards to energy affordability, efficiency and security in the upcoming decades.

One of the growing issues that came out of the survey was fuel poverty, with 58% in Europe stating that is a major concern.

Of all the companies surveyed, 78% stated that the economic problems had impacted greatly on the capital available for projects.

As well as this, 53% of European companies predicted an increased risk of power loss in the period up until 2030. Only 16% predicted a lower risk.

The energy industry also highlights that fact that more should be done to safeguard future power supply, including speeding up planning and permitting procedures for strategic infrastructure.

Michael Timar, power and utilities specialist at PwC in Scotland stated that 'Competing concerns about affordability and the required pace of infrastructure investment in western power markets are translating into unease about security of energy supply,'

'The outcome of current policy development on energy security, affordability and efficiency are far from certain, and there is a considerable degree of concern about whether there will be enough done to resolve these issues in the next 20 years.'

Furthermore, Pakistan Today stated that the demand for UPS manufacturers had gone up in the city of Rawalpindi, due to the combination of both scheduled and unscheduled power outages in both urban and rural suburbs.

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