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UFO POWER launch a new battery-500W-1000W Portable power supply


After two years of technology precipitation and testing, we released a new upgraded 500W, 1000W portable power supply in November, which can meet your different energy needs.


UFO Power has been committed to the development of products with core competitiveness, and the 500W/1000W portable power supply is a big step for our company. The energy demand away from the mains area has always been a problem for camping enthusiasts. Our new products not only solve this problem, but also the perfect display of UFO power in the development of new products in the field of lithium batteries.


In addition to charging your life, it can also ignite your car for emergency, no extra accessories and extra movements, just use our car charger cable to start the car.

The portable power supply is designed for use in RVs, off-grid solar, electric vehicles, and in any application where no mains area. It’s also an ideal upgrade for those using lead-acid power supply.


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