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UFO lifepo4 12 volt lithium battery manufacturers for alarm

UFO lifepo4 12 volt lithium battery manufacturers for alarm

UFO lifepo4 12 volt lithium battery manufacturers for alarm

Lithium Battery for Golf Cart | Customized Battery
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Golf Cart Battery | LiFePO4 Battery Pack for Golf Cart | Customized Battery 

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What is Golf Cart Battery?

The golf cart market is evolving as they can be used in various applications, from providing transportation in the golf course or scenery spots to monitoring security on the neighborhood, campus, etc. Their versatility has been utilized by more and more people. No matter what’s its purpose, every electric golf cart has the same needs for power. But the lifespan of battery is always a problem. So, whether driving in the golf course or cruising the campus, you can count on our Golf Cart Battery solutions.

Why LiFePO4 battery is recommended for Golf Cart?

The lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery, also called LFP battery, is a type of rechargeable battery. UFO's LiFePO4 technologies offer high-powered cell performance compatible with lots of lithium-ion application to deliver more power and extend life. Compared to an Lead-acid battery, the lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery has more capacity, longer lifespan, and better resistance to high or low temperatures; plus, the lithium iron phosphate battery is safer and more environmentally friendly. These make lithium battery a more valuable and cost-effective investment in the long run. 

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UFO Golf Cart Battery

Embeds BMS system for Lithium Iron Phosphate cell(LiFePO4) that offers a high level of safety and long lifespan. And UFO lithium iron phosphate Golf Cart batteries are ideal replacement for lead-acid batteries.


1. Eco-friendly: Green energy, no toxic material contained

2. Safety: safest Lithium battery, CE UL approved, Smart BMS

3. Long life cycle:> 2000 times, 6-8 times of lead acid battery

4. Maintenance free

5. Small size and light weight: 1/2 size& weight of lead acid battery

6. Well performance & Extended Run Time

7. Customizable

Product Functions: 

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Overcharge detection function
Over discharge detection function
Over current detection function
Short detection function
Temperature detection function
Balance function
Other function according to your requirements

The individual production steps of UFO lifepo battery 12v are performed in cleanroom classes 100,000 to 100. This prevents unwanted particles from entering the air and allows us to ensure consistent conditions at all times. INDUSTRIAL-MAN parts have a high degree of conformity
UFO 12 volt lithium battery is professionally designed. The contents of its design include appearance design, control system design, mechanisms design, components structure design, etc. At INDUSTRIAL-MAN, we offer true China-direct pricing
UFO 12 volt lithium battery follows the five fashion design principles of emphasis, rhythm, unity, balance, and proportion, and successful and eye-catching design. At INDUSTRIAL-MAN, we offer true China-direct pricing
UFO 12 volt lithium battery must be tested with regard to different aspects, including flammability testing, moisture resistance testing, antibacterial testing, and stability testing.
Every production step of UFO lifepo battery 12v follows the requirements for manufacturing furniture. Its structure, materials, strength, and surface finishing are all handled finely by experts. INDUSTRIAL-MAN parts have a high degree of conformity
This product is shrinkage resistance. The mercerizing technique is conducted to change its fabric structure, while at the same time, a certain pressure is added to improve its fabric tension. INDUSTRIAL-MAN CNC Machining offers high-levels of accuracy and precision
The product runs stably at all time. Its electric system has been optimized to feature high efficiency. For example, it is equipped with overload tripping protection. The wide variety of materials and post-processing options are provided by INDUSTRIAL-MAN
The product is efficient at keeping out most sounds. The thick timber used in it has high density which can prevent the noise from getting in. The surface can be made varied according to different clients
The product is impervious to the ultra harmonics in the power grid. It is built with a resistor for suppression surge which lowers the harmonics to the minimum limit. The prototypes and parts are applied to automotive, medical device, aerospace, commercial products, etc
The product stands out for its high safety. It is not inclined to occur electric leakage problems, because all of the components and housing are made of high-quality insulation materials. Vacuum casting is an economical way to create batch plastic prototypes
This product is unique and has the limitless application. Dimensional stability can be seen on INDUSTRIAL-MAN prototypes and parts
The product has received good reputation from our clients. The plastic and metal parts from INDUSTRIAL-MAN are smooth and accurate with very tight tolerances
This reliable and cost-effective product has won a wide customer base around the world. INDUSTRIAL-MAN injection molding is widely used for mass production of all kinds of plastic objects
This product is widely recognized by the customers in the industry. Each part is cleaned and polished before leaving factory INDUSTRIAL-MAN
This product manifests its huge potential in the field of application. INDUSTRIAL-MAN prototypes and parts have a good impact, temperature, and water resistance
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