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UFO Latest industrial ups supply for railway tunnel lighting

UFO Latest industrial ups supply for railway tunnel lighting

UFO Latest industrial ups supply for railway tunnel lighting

US6000-11F UPS | 2-11kVA | Common Industrial UPS
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US6000 series 1/1 Phase Common Industrial UPS 

 US6000-11F UPS  2-11kVA

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US6000-31UPS 10-120kVA

US6000 series 1/1 phase Common Industrial UPS is a kind of online dual conversion uninterruptible power supply which based on the new DSP digital intelligent control technology, aiming at high reliability and safety requirements of power supply for the harsh power grid environment,  of industrial equipment, network system and intelligent equipment. 

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Computer room, intelligent installations such as measuring devices and industrial automation devices, precision instrument and equipment in Rail Transit, Industrial and Mining Enterprises, Petrochemical Industry, Military Health Care, Freeway, Health Care Education, Government Tax, Financial Insurance etc.


◪ SPWM PWM technology, IGBT power module and output isolation transformer are used to completely eliminate the interference of power grid, stabilize voltage, frequency, filter noise and reduce distortion.

◪ LCD display and LED status indication to help users keep control of UPS power supply and application environment changes at any time and to achieve zero-distance communication between users and machine.  

◪ The ultra-wide range of input voltage and frequency greatly reduces the use frequency of UPS battery and extends the life of battery effectively. 

◪ The UPS output will automatically detect the power frequency and maintain a certain output voltage frequency as before after a power outage.

UPS has the functions of power-on self-test, bypass automatic taking over, rich alarm display and fault information recording, which provides strong support for fault analysis and diagnosis.

◪ The system adopts integrated tower design and phase controlled rectifier to ensure that the high voltage can not enter the UPS, and can detect the battery at any time, with the function of joint power supply.





Rated Input220/230/240Vac, 50/60Hz(Single phase)
Voltage Range165Vac~275Vac

Frequency Range



Rated Input220/230/240Vac, 50/60Hz(Single phase)
Voltage Range-40%~+20% (Can be set)

Frequency Range

±2.5%,±5%,±10%,±20% can be set

Synchronous Range

±0.5—±3Hz can be set


Rated Output 
220/230/240Vac, 50/60Hz(Single phase+Ground)
Power Factor
Voltage Stabilized Accuracy±1% (balanced load)
Voltage Dynamic Transient±5% (0 ~100% load change)
Total Harmonic Distortion| THD<1% (100% linear load), <3% (100% non-linear load)
Frequency Accuracy±0.05%
Parallel Capacity4
Inverter Overload CapabilityInverter operation : 110% long-term,  125% 10 minutes, 150% 1 minute
48/60V72/84V180/192/204V(Can be set, 2V/6V/12V Battery optional)
OtherDisplayLCD+LED, Touch screen(optional)

Working Environment









Control Management

RS232/485Support windows XP/7/8/10/Linux/Mac
Support for power management by SNMP administrators through web browsers

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The product undergoes in-house strict quality testing and inspections. Its head can be customized into a 360° swivel head
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