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Types of SATCOM Systems and How They Work

by:UFO      2020-08-06

Satellite communication systems or SATCOM systems are those systems that make use of a the device to gather useful information and transmit it to ground stations. In order to collect or transfer information, the satellite revolves around the earth. The main purpose of this type of information gathered by SATCOM systems is to utilize it for video transmission.

SATCOM systems are of different types. Molniya, Low Earth Orbiting and Geostationary Orbits are the most popular types of satellites. Molniya satellites are mostly used to for television broadcasting and telephonic communications. Out of these, the geostationary satellite is quite effective. It circles around the earth every day at a continuous speed and is best suited for communication purposes. The ground station antennas must be aligned appropriately with the satellite system to get best results. With these kinds you do not need to deploy any additional expensive equipment.

Low Earth Orbiting Satellites are positioned at a distance of around 400 kilometers above the earth. Satellite phone connections are established using these devices. They are mostly known as LEO. Antennas and receivers are the main components of a satellite. Power is also essential for the equipment to be able to function. In order to process data received from satellites, they are connected to computers. A number of sensors are included which enables it to process the data and then transmit them back to the earth. They can be used to receive instructions from the computer systems too.

Another component that is very important in a satellite system is the Telemetry system. Along with this system, the command system and the tracking system monitor the functions of the satellite system. With the help of these systems, signals are properly directed and located from the ground station as well as the satellite. Transponders that decode information received from satellites and communication antennas complete the communication function of satellites. When power is distributed to all the components of the satellite, it starts to work. There are certain satellites like the short training satellites that make use of battery power.

The technological advancements in the development of SATCOM systems have greatly benefited the global communications industry. Every individual makes use of one or more of devices that need satellite systems for its functioning. Examples of these are television and radio broadcasting, telecommunication devices like wireless, and cellular networks data communications. This type of communication is the best choice for areas that are isolated or have dispersed populations.

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