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Two Things to Check Before Calling for Houston

by:UFO      2020-08-07

HOUSTON, TEXAS- Announcing that it's hot outside would be a bit of an understatement. The steamy Houston summer is pushing air conditioners to their limit, raising the risk for crashes even in high-quality AC units. The Houston, TX air conditioning experts at HousePro Energy Solutions are always fast to answer emergency repair calls, but the cause of the problem is often simple mistake made by the homeowner. HousePro explains two things residents should always check prior to calling in the professionals for help.

1. Examine the power source.If the AC is not responding or failing to produce cool air, it could be an issue of power supply. Condenser units frequently become unplugged from their power source, so homeowners should check to see if all plugs are securely connected to power. If everything appears to be plugged in, flip the appropriate switches in the circuit breaker. Power surges commonly trip breakers that supply power to the AC.

2. Inspect the thermostat.This next tip may seem obvious, but no one is immune to silly mistakes. HousePro visits a surprising number of homes where the source of the problem was a simple misread thermostat. Before calling in a professional, always make sure the heat switch is off and the thermostat is actually set to the desired temperature. Commonly, residents brush against the thermostat in a hurry to leave and unknowingly turn on the heat setting.

Although these issues are a quick fix, residents should never toy with complex wiring or attempt major repairs themselves. Doing so can inflict serious bodily harm, worsen the issue and even void warranties. If the answer to the problem requires more than an easy flip of the switch or plug-in, homeowners must contact a professional to resolve the issue.

After the thermostat and power sources have been examined, quickly call HousePro to diagnose the error, offer a reasonable estimate and promptly return the air conditioning system back to optimal performance. Leaving an issue in the unit untreated allows for natural factors like weather, dirt and leaves to exacerbate the situation and increase repair costs.

HousePro realizes how heavily homeowners depend on their air conditioning to survive the sweltering Texas summers. That's why they've made it a priority to quickly repair faulty systems. HousePro's employees (no answering services) and skilled, courteous technicians are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer repair calls and give speedy relief from the heat. As a courtesy to their customers, they offer many levels of service, including emergency (less than two hours), same-day and next-day.

HousePro also promotes the importance of scheduling routine AC service to help ensure all systems are properly functioning, which leads to a reduced risk for pricey future repairs. They offer high quality, Energy Star approved parts and products installed by BPI, NATE and ACCA certified technicians, but no system is indestructible. Sufficient AC maintenance is vital to avoiding a broken system in the scorching summer heat.

Residents in the Houston area who are interested in learning more about HousePro and their energy efficient approach to cooling are encouraged to give them a call. Along with outstanding AC service and detailed energy audits, they also provide Houston and Katy residents with air conditioning repair, heating, insulation and many other energy efficient home solutions.

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