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Toshiba Satellite Laptop Review

by:UFO      2020-08-08

As we all know that Toshiba Satellite offers an affordable mobile multimedia laptop with wireless communication built-in, a good processor and good battery life so that the maximum mobility is guaranteed through all the day.

For a machine that is going to sit on the shelf at the Best Buy, the Toshiba series look like they would be more at home under the arm of some suited, late '80s merchants.

The Toshiba has a professional-looking design with normal straight lines and squared-off edges; Toshiba's Portege line of notebooks has typically been business oriented so this makes sense. The Z835 will most certainly draw wandering eyes despite its utilitarian appearance due to the sheer thinness - it really is that thin at only 0.63 inches high. The chassis is constructed entirely of magnesium alloy, a lightweight yet strong material. As a result the Z835 feels like almost nothing at 2.4 pounds.

The Satellite series ships with either a 14-inch or 15.6-inch diagonal display. Powered by your choice between Intel or AMD processors, both options include TruBrite HD widescreen displays with 250GB/320GB hard drives, 720p resolution, DVD SuperMulti drives, Wi-Fi and multi-touch touch pads.


Standard Memory




1066 MHz

Expandable upto


Memory Slots


Hard Drive

Inbuilt HDD


Speed (RPM)




Optical Drive

DVD Writer

Display Features

Screen Size

14 inches

Maximum Display Resolution (dpi)

1366 x 768

Panel Type

HD LED display CSV Screen


Chipset Model

Intel GL40 chipset

GPU Model

Intel HD Graphics


Ethernet Port (Nos)


Ethernet Type

10/100 Mbps

WiFi Type

802.11 b/g/n


Audio Solution

High Definition Audio



Sound Technologies

Toshiba Audio Enhancement

The design and look is good, it comes in a wonderful silver color and has a very beautiful black keyboard. The screen is also painted black around the edges. The Multimedia keys on the top of the keyboard look nice, they are small round buttons. The power button is smart and easy to push; the blue light gives it a nice touch too.

While it's not as artfully rendered as the MacBook Air, the Toshiba is incredibly light, and offers extras, such as HDMI and USB 3.0, missing from Apple's laptop. Even Toshiba's battery life was excellent, beating Lenovo's U300s for the best Windows-based notebook battery score to date. The corners of the chassis are a bit sharp as is the cut-out for the Ethernet port on the back of the notebook.

Toshiba also threw in its Resolution plus technology, which promises to increase video to as high as 720p. While it doesn't hurt to have this feature, it's more of a marketer's bullet point than anything else.

Talking about software, Toshiba has their Media Controller application which enables users to share files, video, music and pictures over Wi-Fi to the Xbox 360 via a drag-and-drop interface or to other PCs running Windows. Reel Time is a tool for finding documents based on when they were last accessed. It also offers previews of files and filters them by date.

Some tips for you:

You can use the operating system's power-management features to set aggressive targets for when the display will go dark and when the machine will slip into sleep mode.

Don't wrap the mains cable from around the body of the Toshiba Satellite power supply, as this can also damage the adapter mains cable.

The lithium-ion battery should be stored at about 40% state-of-charge, because laptop battery's self discharge can break the battery in the storage.

Avoid dropping, hitting or otherwise abusing your Toshiba Satellite C600 charger as this may result in the exposure.

Don't use Toshiba Satellite C600 AC adapter with regularity one-recharging and over-discharging and high temperature.

Turn down the brightness of the LCD panel to the lowest level you can tolerate.

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