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Top lithium ion battery pack supply for solar system Gel battery replacement

Top lithium ion battery pack supply for solar system Gel battery replacement

Top lithium ion battery pack supply for solar system Gel battery replacement

48V 200Ah LiFePO4 Power Wall Battery | Solar Battery | Backup Power | Optional GPRS | Silver Gray
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Powerwall for Solar System | LiFePO4 Battery [Optional GPRS Data Transmission Units(DTU)] 

Backup Power, Energy Storage Lithium-ion Battery

Color: Sky Blue/ Sliver Grey

Why Uses Powerwall for Solar Power Storage?

Solar energy is an unlimited renewable energy source and now home powerwall battery allows homeowners who interested in maintaining a self-power home to operate their house independently.

● Self-sufficient and power to your home at anytime

● Clean energy and no air/noise pollution

● Cost-effective, save your money on electricity cost

● Eco-friendly and lower energy bills



Rated Reserved Energy


Nominal Voltage [V]


Capacity [Ah]



Width [mm]


Height [mm]


Depth [mm]


Weight [Kg]


Electrical Specifications

Charge Voltage [V]


VCharge-discharge Current[A]


Re-charge Time [h]

100A*1 Hour
     (Standard Charge)

Discharge Time up to

Discharge Power

Working Condition

Life @25°C

>10 Years

Cycle Life

>6000 Times


Working Temperature


Regular Transportation


Temperature & Period for Storage

Months @+25°C

3 Months @+35°C

1 Months @+45°C


◤NEW GENERATION Powerwall: Optional GPRS Data Transmission Units(DTU) in Lithium-ion Battery◢ 

UFO LiFePO4 batteries for energy storage (Powerwall battery) can be equipped witGPRS Data Transmission Units(DTU), which provides remote control of LiFePO4 battery and help monitor the status of LiFePO4 battery. The GPS Function within the Lithium-ion battery can provides positional tracking of battery to prevent from stealing. Whenever you use the battery APP on your cellphone, you are able to track the location of your Lithium-ion battery easily. Also, the GPRS function offers convenience to you for monitoring the performance of Lithium-ion battery, including battery temperature, voltage and more. 

 Why Choose UFO Lithium-ion Battery?

01 UFO Battery Upgrade our Lithium-ion Battery with The Lastest Battery Technology

UFO upgrade a new generation of lithium-ion battery for Powerwall lithium-ion battery. It is LiFePO4 Battery Pack with GPRS Data Transmission Units(DTU) which are able to help customers track the battery location and monitor the battery status with remote control. UFO “smart home” concept, the goal for home appliances in the future, is taking off. It lies in the advanced internet connectivity and processing capability. UFO lithium battery models are applicable for various kinds of intelligent home appliances, providing power for long periods of time and with a stable discharging performance.

02 High Quality Battery Cell Provides Long Operating Life

Designed with high-quality chemistry, UFO lithium-ion batteries own longer charging and discharging cycle times (2500 cycles) compared with lead-acid batteries. And the capacity fading is slow and predictable without sudden drop. Silver Grey Powerwall lithium-ion battery and Snow White Powerwall lithium-ion battery are also good performance LiFePO4 Battery Pack to choose.

03 UFO Independently developed BMS Provides Quality Assurance

UFO BATTERY has our own R&D team for BMS, providing more effective battery protection to improve the stability of battery and prolong battery lifespan.

Top lithium ion battery pack supply for solar system Gel battery replacement-1

Top lithium ion battery pack supply for solar system Gel battery replacement-2
Battery Protection

04 High/Low Temperature Resistance Provides Superior Performance

With outstanding quality battery chemistry, UFO lithium-ion battery owns a good temperature resistance. The working temperature can range from -20°C to 60°C and it is an ideal replacement of traditional lead-acid battery.

05 Compact size, light weight, ideal replacement of lead-acid battery

The characteristic of high energy density of UFO lithium-ion battery makes space saving possible. Compared to lead acid battery, the weight of lithium-ion battery is 1/3 of that of lead-acid battery. Compact size but the same capacity makes lithium-ion battery an sensible investment than utilizing lead-acid battery.   

Top lithium ion battery pack supply for solar system Gel battery replacement-3


Cell voltage monitoring
Charge/discharge current monitoring
Hardware protection
Discharge control
Charge control
Temperature Monitoring
Work Status Indication LCD &LED lamp)
PACK Voltage Monitoring
Failure alarm
Multiple batteries can be connected in parallel <<20sets

Top lithium ion battery pack supply for solar system Gel battery replacement-4


Save more space with high energy density
No need for refrigeration equipment
High operation reliability
Long service life
UFO management strategy

Good as advertising
Operates as expected. Lots of charging options. Like that it takes so many battery sizes and chemistries.
Great product!
I am very happy with this product after weeks of using it. Basically it is simple and easy to use, very light weight with good suction. Battery lasts for good amount, charges very fast (around 25 minutes ready for the next job). Good quality, very simple design and very easy to use. Simply works, get the job done, again and again. A real quiet achiever in the industry. If everyone knew and had the chance to use this product, then I doubt other cordless hand vacuum could still ever exist ;-) Again I am very happy with my purchase.
I've been in the market for a lithium ion cordless vacuum for quite a while. This is the first one that was affordable, made by Makita (who is a name I trust), and also had good reviews. I was a little skeptical about how well it would work, but have been extremely pleased with the quality and battery life.This is not meant for major cleaning, it's value is that it handles quick daily spot cleaning. I run it maybe 10 minutes a day and the battery lasts me longer than a week before charging. The key to keeping the battery from fizzling out is to run it until it dies before recharging. The only 'cons' are that it doesn't do great on rugs, but I knew that prior to purchase. And the fact that it can't stand upright on it's own. I didn't realize how much I would like that feature, but the quality of the machine is worth the minor inconvenience. I strongly suggest ordering some extra paper filters.
I just got this, so can't review longevity. So far here are my pros and cons: PRO: Suction is fantastic! No kickback of granular things like cat litter AT ALL! TIP: Leave the head on the pile you've sucked up for a fraction of a second to give it time to get all of it into the hose. Otherwise some will be left on the floor. PRO: Battery life is great! I charged it maybe 30 mins out of the box and it cleaned my entire kitchen, family room and spots in bedroom bathroom. Still more charge left. CON: The icons on the charger are inscrutable! I still can't figure it all out but when the middle light on the bottom turns green you are good to go. PRO: the head fits in every small areas. It swivels and can run very flat. CON: The head is very small so you have a lot of moving it around compared to something like the Shark Navigator. It is more like a dust buster with a handle. PRO: Because it is more like a dust buster, you don't really vacuum the same way: you just move the vacuum over the whatever and it picks up. No continuous back and forth. PRO: Works great as a hand vac in the car and on the stairs! Does a better job than the carwash does at cleaning out salt and crumbs in the grooves on the seats! PRO: I love the on-board edge cleaner! CON: There is no way to lock the switch ON so you have to constantly hold it down. This is a ridiculous omission considering the Makita drills which do have this feature. My trigger finger would get very tired so it was on/off on/off. Such a simple thing to fix! CON: The handle where you have to grab and trigger the switch is too short by about an inch. I am 5'4 and have very long arms (used to be 5'6) so I can't imagine someone taller being able to use this without bending over. CON: I don't see how you can wall mount the charger and there are no instructions for it. You have to remove the battery from the vac and put it in the charger (tough on my arthritic hands) and leave it setting somewhere until the sound goes off. Shark Navigator has a stand that you set the vac on, it charges and you just leave it there until you need it. I find this lack of abilities in the Makita really problematic. CON: The vac doesn't stand up by itself (but neither does the Shark Navigator). SUMMARY: despite the negatives, the positives are worth it: much better suction. Cleaning the dirt cup is easy...you just rotate it a quarter turn to remove it but you do have to use your fingers to peel off pet hair, if any, and occasionally rinse it out (like the Navigator).
Love this vacuum! Light weight, works with the same Makita batteries that we have a million of, and does a pretty good job for a cordless vacuum like this. Every other one i have bought like it in the past falls apart within a year. Doesnt do the most perfect job on rugs and carpets, but we mostly use it on lenoleum, hard wood, and tile.
I love it - it does a great job and the battery lasts a lot longer than indicated.
It is so lightweight and easy to use!
Perfect Cordless VAC. Could not be more pleased with it. I already had the battery and charger so by buying just the bare tool it saved us money. It comes with a floor nozzle and a crevice nozzle. Powerful, we use it daily. 5 Stars!
Works no good! Bought it and never looked back. My wife does not use a dust pan anymore, she uses this to pick up the piles.
I LOVE this vacuum! It is lightweight, yet does an excellent job. I have hard surfaces throughout my home and this vacuum is perfect for my needs.
This is one fantastic little vaccum. It’ll make your life so much easier. However , I can confirm what other complaining reviews just mention with the cracking of the transparent piece. My wife caught the micro cracks really early, and it was due to me overtightening the transparent part. It seems like it’s a design flaw because there is seemingly no stop to how much you can tighten the reseervoir, and if there’s one it’s not in the right place. Nevertheless if you be careful and not overtighten the reservoir it will not crack and you’ll have a very easy time cleaning with it for a long long time. The discharge time is great , thanks to li-ion batteries. I wish this had a brushless motor, that way it would have so much more power.
AA size LiFePO batteries fit a bit loose, but once you have them settled in the charge quite easily. The charging meter is really handy to see where the batteries are at during the charging cycle. This is overall a great product.
Charger works well. shows mah,volts, and you can change charging rate. I find the charger floods the batteries with power. The charger will show batteries are charged but pull battery back in charger so it resets the battery display and you see true battery power. Will show bad batteries or batteries that won't take a full charge. Display is nice.enjoy.
Works well, but sometimes the number 1 battery slot won’t charge.
Sometimes doesn't like the batteries and won't read them, have to switch around until they register but overall super quality product.
This is a great charger, it charges my 18650 3.7v batteries pretty fast. I love how it shows you how close the battery is to being done charging, its also great if you're like me and sometimes just do things without thinking like say putting a battery in backwards, it flashes all three lights to get your attention and remind you that you're incapable of simple thing and you should re-think your life.
Great for my mod Efest purple IMR 18650 35A 2500mAh 3.7v batteries. Does not over charge in case you forget to remove once charged. Does the job. Takes approx 1-2 hours to charge a have used battery. Completely dead battery takes 3-4 hours. Remember, only use 50-80% of the battery and recharge it. It will last much longer meaning long term (life). Buy more than one if your ecig dependant.
Use this at work to charge my flashlight batteries. It has withstood the rough life of our Shop. There are about five or six of us that use it to charge our batteries. Coworkers have bought others and they have broken or stopped working. I was reluctant to leave mine out but, after a year it is still charging our batteries like a champ!
I charged a new 18650 battery with this for the first time last night. It took 4 hours to completely charge an 18650 3.7v 2600mah battery. To me the directions were slightly misleading but simply put, you put a battery in, the device detects what it is automatically and starts charging it. The 3 small light above the battery compartment does show the amount of charge in the battery. One of the 3 lights will be flashing if it is still adding a charge and when all 3 are solid the charge is complete. Pretty simple but the book trying to mention a few other functions of the detection process made it sound confused. All-in-all I love it and 4hours to charge this type of battery from dead is great.
This seems to be a pretty good universal charger for the most part. I've had trouble with one unprotected cell in that it kept trying to charge past the full state though, so it seems this one lacks any automatic shutoff of its own. In every other way it seems to be well built though. In fact, I don't understand why it says "18650." I don't have any handy, but from looking at it I'm about 99% sure it could take a 26650 and I think it would even take a 32600 (if you can find one...) It would just take longer to charge on a higher capacity battery is all.
The charger works perfect for all the different sizes of Li-ion batteries. I have a ton of flashlight with Li-ion batteries for AA, 123 and 18650 sizes and this works perfect. The batteries do appear to fully charge. I really like that it gives you a gauge on the charge status for each battery. If using 18650, the battery is very tight in the holder. The spring load for the metal piece that holds the batteries at the negative end is poorly designed. You have to be very careful as it feels like it wants to snap and is also hard to push back and forth. Use some oil to make it move a bit more freely. Never have used it for Ni-MH so can't review that.
I ordered this thinking it was a charger for another size battery turned out to be a lot bigger size then i was anticipating but all in all it still does the job of charging my batteries. It has a light indicator that shows the battery life and it blinks if you battery are charging and becomes a solid light when it is fully charged. I think it can charge many types and sizes of battery.
I have another Nitecore charger that I love, and I wanted one to take with me when I'm traveling that isn't too bulky. I use this to charge batteries for my Kanger Subox, and the batteries charge pretty fast and have good longevity with this charger. Definitely will buy again if needed, but it looks like these chargers are well made and will last for years.
I charge all types of rechargeable batteries and it works. I've even charged batteries that wouldn't charge on their original charger, and it seamed to repair them. Example only AA type of battery. I had some Eveready rechargeable that I had laying around or years, and wouldn't take a charge on the original charger, so I charged them on this, and they charged after that on the original charger.
I picked this up to replace a cheap version that came with my batteries and had cracked. This product is far superior to my previous one. It's solidly built and so far charges my batteries with no problems. Since it comes with a cord it doesn't hog the receptacle like my previous boxy unit did and lays flat on my desk to hold the back up batteries for my daily carry flashlight.
Seems to be a very high quality charger - accepted both my RCR123A and 18650s very nicely. RCR123A will fit somewhat loosely, so don't bump the charger while it's charging those. The battery indicator works well and shows the state of charge, and charge time seems to be on par with other chargers. The device does say New for 2014 on the package, indicating the newer version that does not overheat.
Works as expected, does everything it claims to do. Have had it for over a year now, and it hasn't burned my house down, or even gotten warm to the touch like some other chargers do. Definitely worth the money.
Seems to work fine charging my 3.7v 18350 batteries, but the pictures are wrong. this does *not* have the car charger adapter with it. I need it in short order, so i'm keeping it and buying an adapter locally, but the pictures should match the item being shipped. wish the springs that hold the battery in were a little tighter, feels loose on shorter batteries. probably plenty tight on AA or 18650s.
This is a great little charger. I got got this as a replacement of an earlier model. It works fast and I really like the indicator lights. I would definitely buy this product again.
Does what it is supposed to do. However, to me, the unit feels like it get a little too warm on the bottom, under the body of the charger. Nothing melted or anything, but you may want to be careful where you set it down while charging batteries.
Delivery took a long time i was completely satisfied with this product but after using it for a few weeks the cjarger started making a buzzing noise. I have tried to contact the seller and have not received any reply. Not knowing if this is safe is a bit unnerving sinse it is on my night stand near my face. Not wanting a battery to blow up. I have only given this a 3 star insted of my previous 5 star is the delay in receiving a response from the manufacturer.
Works as described. Lights monitor the charging progress
ive been using this nitecore i2 charger for a couple weeks now, and i gota say it works great. I can leave my batteries charging all night while i sleep and never have to worry about over charging or any issues. ive even used this to charge my AA NiHM batteries. great charger for the price! highly recommend!
I bought this as a gift. The recipient really likes it after a week's worth of use. It charges his 18650 batteries much quicker than the cheaper charger he was using previously. Also, having the choice between the wall port and using the cable is nice. Have not tried recharging any other types of batteries yet.
This charger fits my needs exactly. Would purchase again.
Works very well. I usually only do one battery at a time, usually my spare but it works with two or one. I also have different battery types and it works well with both of them. I haven't had to worry about a dead vaporizer since I got it.
The springs on the right one have become very tense and tough. I wish this was made with higher quality metal.
If you need a charger for 18650 then this is the one. I use mine to charge my batteries for my Sigelei mod and I love it. I'll buy this again if I have to!
Great charger, just as advertised!
I have several different batteries and it works great on them all.
I have to unplug it after every charge to reset it. Very inconvenient I would not purchase it again. I received a replacement from the company and have had no problems with the new one.
xa02/20/16 I till like this charger but the two battery at a time thing is driving me crazy. I still use this to test voltage but rarely actually charge on this device. I need a universal battery charger and quickly ordered this one without realizing it was so fancy: the LCD screen and plethora of strange numbers fascinated me. At first the only thing that made sense to me was the battery bar: it will take me awhile to really understand the rest of these numbers, but thanks to this charger I'm motivated to learn. The battery basics [please comment if you can help because I am still pretty confused--I won't be offended, but thankful] Volts: The volt reading tells you how full your batteries are: they are the GAS GAGE of your battery (apparently there are better measures, but volts is adequate for home use. Milliampere (mAh): a measure of how much charge the battery can hold when full (SIZE OF GAS TANK in analogy)--the number on your battery is based on one hour but it changes depending on how much charge is required (how fast the car is going). One of the things I dislike about rechargeable batteries is I never know how charged a battery is [i.e. I think I just charged this, but I can't remember, maybe it was the other one]. This solves charger solves this problem (and effectively charges the batteries. In summary: This is more than a universal battery charger. It chargers all the batteries cylinder-shaped rechargeable batteries you can imagine (I didn't even know they made an AAAA), but it can do so at home or in a car! I chose to let the video speak for the LCD screen as I am still learning what all those features mean. I received this produce at a discount for my unbiased review and am happy I can sincerely recommend it to all of you. Enjoy!
Not the fastest charger, but does the job. It charges all the types lithium and nimh, and sizes 18650, aa, aaa, etc that I regularly use. If only it also charged rechargeable 9v batteries, I'd be able to get rid of my other charger.
Awesome buy, great charger!
A very well designed multi-battery charger. Each bay is it's own individual charge bay - no need to pair batteries. You can mix and match sizes and capacities of rechargeable, and the display is very informative regarding the status of each individual battery. The only problem I've had is that the bays are a nice tight fit - you do have to press the batteries in, almost until you hear the "click", to make sure they fit - but the display will not light up if the battery isn't actually inserted properly and charging, so that's not an issue. A definite buy.
I purchased these along with the 12 pack of "high drain" AA and AAA batteries since rechargeable batteries seem to work better with the same company's products. As expected with anything that contains or transmits energy, the batteries and the charger itself does get warm but not hot. I really like the discharging option to further the life/use of your batteries and the LCD display of the charging batteries is a plus. The smart technology that protects against over-charging, over-heating, and reverse polarity because I have 2 dogs at home that I love like my own family and it puts my mind much more at ease when I'm out and they're home alone. As a smart battery charger it can recognize if there's a battery in a slot or not, so you can pop in batteries any way you want. It's also numbered and divided into two sections going from 1 to 8 for both. There was also a little flier inside of the package of their customer support's email and phone number so you can get help, just thought that was nice. As I have just newly received this product and it's for batteries that are supposed to last years, I will continually update this review of my findings.
Review is for charger only. Received 12/1/2017. I use a lot of AA batteries (and less AAAs) for off-camera flashes and have an assortment of battery brands, ranging from nice Eneloop XX pros to random sets of Duracells, etc. All are NiMh. I've been using the standard 4-slot wall chargers that come with them but purchased this because I'm sick of charging batteries for days leading up to any photo job I have. I like that this unit has readouts for each individual battery and that you can put any random assortment into it. I like the inclusion of the car charger and I think the size of the unit is good. I also like the option to fully cycle the batteries (drain them, then charge them). There are omissions in the manual. I wish that the documentation was better in explaining the recycle button and how/when to use it best. It really says nothing about it. Does the recycle button drain all of them? Some? Can you choose? I'll figure it out with trial and error, but the manual should cover this. I also have an old set of batteries that sometimes give me problems that I put into it and got an error code on the set of 4. The documentation says nothing about this message or what to do if you see it. Does that mean the batteries are dead? Unusable? Or should I put them into the full cycle mode to restore them? I have included an image of every page of the small manual (4 "pages"). It's nice to know how long it takes to charge each type of battery, and this is what it says about the times for 1-16 batteries: AAA 700mAh = approx: 3.7hrs AAA 800mAh = approx: 4.2hrs AAA 900mAh = approx: 4.7hrs AA 1000 mah = approx: 2.6hrs AA 1600 mAh = approx: 4.2hrs AA 2000mAh = approx: 5.2hrs AA 2500mAh = approx: 6.5hrs
This is all I have to say about this item. This is the perfect charger for all things AA and AAA. I bought this charger and recharged some duracells batts I thought were no good per my other battery charger. They charged right up. Out of the 20 duracell batteries only 3 were bad. This is a great device! UPDATE. About 6 or 7 months after I bought the charger it stopped work. Emailed the company. They sent me a new charger cord within 5 days. Runs like a champ.
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