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Top Features of Mini Choppers

by:UFO      2020-08-08

Mini choppers are one of the most popular outdoor toys for kids. These bikes are not meant for use on public street and highways. Although these vehicles are scaled down versions of custom built motorcycles, they are meant only for off road use. These choppers are basically under powered fragile and tiny vehicles that allow the riders to keep their face at the level of an SUV bumper. Manufactured by using steel tubes or pipes, these can be electric or gas models. You can even buy kits that can be used to manufacture choppers according to your own designs. Although several models of these choppers are imported from China and Italy, you need to check its performance rather than get influenced by the design and the color.

Features of Mini Choppers

Generally these mini choppers are custom designed, but you can find several readymade models also in the market. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, these mini choppers are loved by the young generation. These bikes are characterized by extended front ends and skinny front tires that ensure that they can be driven only on lawns or smooth driveways. Weighing just fifty pounds, these mini choppers are highly eco friendly and can run at the top speed of twenty to thirty miles per hour Highly popular amongst the younger generation, these bikes are priced on the basis of their design and features. Some specific features of these bikes are:

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