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Tips To Keep Your Computers Safe

by:UFO      2020-08-11

Computers are perhaps the most taken for granted objects in our daily lives. We are only reminded of their susceptibility in rare times when they stop functioning. It is indeed very frustrating when a seemingly reliable computer stops functioning. Whether the problem pertains to network management or telephone installation, whenever a computer stops functioning at a crucial time, we wish that we'd taken a more persistent care of it.

Here are a few tips that would keep your computer up and running for much longer:

Network management gurus would tell you that Microsoft Windows is not very reliable. However if you are using Microsoft Windows make sure that you are shutting down your computer properly. Often times our patience runs out and we do not complete the Windows shutdown procedure; instead we choose to press the shutdown power button. Remember that doing so may be convenient but it could end up damaging the hard disk of your computer. Only use the power switch when your system stops functioning. Handlings things properly is important, no matter in computers or telephone installation.

An Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is always recommended. An unexpected power failure can cause a fair bit of damage to your computer therefore it is always wise to use a UPS, especially if your system has important data over it.

If is always better to keep and maintain backup archives. Such files must always be protected. Burn your important data on CDs or save them over external hard drives or USB sticks. It is better to be on the safer side of things.

Do not forget to run the Scan disk and defragment functions on regular basis. These utilities prolong the life of your hard risk and also prevent serious damage so that you may not need a disaster recovery for your system at all.

Never try to remove peripheral devices from your computer whilst it is activated. Doing so may damage the connector sockets or the motherboard of the computer. However if your peripheral devices come with a 'hot pluggable' guarantee, you may try it.

Never fully use your hard disk. You must have at least 300-500 MB or free space in your hard disk, if you want to efficiently use Microsoft Windows. The operating system needs this amount of space to function properly and if the space isn't provided, the hard disk may end up with dire malfunctions. If your hard disk is full occupied, windows will work at notoriously slow speed and make your life miserable. Hence it is always advisable to check the ADD/Delete tool and uninstall the programs that you might not need. Remember that there are several programs available to 'clean' up your windows and run it properly and smoothly.

Windows resources are limited: avoid loading too many programs at the startup.

Always protect your computer with a reliable antivirus program. It is advisable to invest a bit of money in antivirus programs that automatically update themselves.It is better to have a strong defense which doesn't leads to disaster recovery.

Always keep checking computer and peripheral device's software driver's discs. It is a good idea to make copies of these discs and keep them saves.

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