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Three Kinds of Laptop Batteries You Should Know

by:UFO      2020-08-11

Do you have trouble choosing laptop battery and can not make up your mind which to buy. As a matter of fact, there are three different kinds of laptop batteries on the market. I am happy to tell you their advantages and disadvantages to make you more clearly know which to buy.

Firstly, let us look at the lithium ion battery. There are lots of advantage than the others,such as it is more light. Besides, it has high voltage and the self-discharge is less than others so can be put somewhere for a long time. What is more, having no memory effect makes it convenient to charge and this type of battery has a long life. Because the battery do not include heavy metal elements like cadmium, lead and mercury , so it do no harm to the environment and it is the most advanced great battery. All of these make it to be the most popular and most efficient among all of the laptop power sources. No one can deny that it is used in most new laptop nowadays.

Secondly, let us talk about the nickel metal hydride cell. Though not good as lithium ion battery, it still has its advantages such as it is safe to use and cheap to charge. Its output is higher than nickel cadmium battery and it is clearly more reliable. We can say it is a bridge building between lithium ion battery and nickel cadmium battery. So you can often see them in the old laptops. On the other hand, what makes us bored is its memory effect. In other words, the battery will remember that you don't fully discharge it and leave you with a less than normal output. Weighing the pros and cons, if you don't have the ability to buy the lithium ion battery like the Compaq presario CQ60 battery, then you can try this type.

Thirdly, we will discuss about the nickel cadmium battery. They are deeply loved by manufactures because of their relatively low cost and high output. Undoubtedly, it is the first battery that can be recharged, but you can not see it anymore, because they are heavier than the newer laptop batteries and not as convenient as them. Speaking frankly, it disappears in our life along with the development of the technology.

To be concluded, you should take the lithium ion battery considered firstly if you have enough money due to its advantages like light and high output. But the nickel metal hydride cell may be the best choice if you do not have money. In a word, I hope what I have said would give a hand to you when you come to buy laptop battery.

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