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The working principle of the lithium iron phosphate batteries

by:UFO      2020-05-09
1, when the battery, Li + migrated from the 010 aspects of lithium iron phosphate crystal crystal surface, under the action of electric field force, into the electrolyte, through the diaphragm, then through the electrolyte migrated to the surface of graphite crystal, and then embedded in graphite lattice. At the same time, electronic conductive to the anode aluminum foil collector, the very great ears, batteries column, open circuit, negative pole column, the cathode ear fluid flow of the cathode copper foil set, then through conductive to graphite anode, the negative charge to balance. Lithium ion from lithium iron phosphate, embedded into the iron phosphate lithium iron phosphate, pictured above - 2 its lattice structure change. 2, battery discharging, Li + from graphite crystals embedded out, into the electrolyte, through the diaphragm, then through the electrolyte migrated to the surface of the lithium iron phosphate crystal, and then back to the 010 embedded into the crystal lattice of the lithium iron phosphate. Battery, meanwhile, the conductive body flow to the cathode copper foil collector, ear, battery cathode polar column, open circuit, the positive column, the positive pole ear fluid flow battery anode aluminum foil set, then through conductive to lithium iron phosphate anode, to make the positive charge balance. From the working principle of lithium iron phosphate batteries, lithium iron phosphate battery charging and discharging process need lithium ions and electrons to participate, and lithium ion migration velocity and the electron transfer rate to reach to the balance. This requires that the positive and negative electrode of lithium ion battery must is a mixture of ionic and electronic conductors, but its ion conductivity and electron conduction ability must be consistent. But it is well known that the conductivity of the lithium iron phosphate is poor. And the conductivity of graphite anode is better, but in order to achieve high discharge rate, still need to improve the conductivity of the cathode, the electronic conductivity and lithium ion from graphite in embedded ability to balance. In order to solve the problem of anode conductive lithium iron phosphate batteries are, 1, must join in battery is the cathode conductive agent, has formed in the active material of battery model as shown in figure 3 and figure 4 of the electron microscope photos shown in effective conductive network. 2, if the ionic conduction capacity of a battery set as I, set to E electrical conduction ability, is in theory I = E. 3, in order to keep the battery in the process of charging and discharging, charge to keep dynamic balance: the positive = = = I diaphragm electrolyte I I I = I anode, electrolyte to the positive set fluid = = E E E the positive pole ear the positive column = = E E anode anode ear column = E = = E/E = E cathode anode sets fluid. ( The three equations in fact is the important principle of the design of lithium ion power battery, however, in the actual design process and the actual production process, how to realize the above three equations, also need to design a series of experiments to verify, establishing mathematical model or a empirical formula, and then through the model or formula for the design of the lithium ion battery)

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