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The Uses and Benefits of Industrial Fans

by:UFO      2020-08-15

Almost all industries need industrial fans or blowers to ensure proper ventilation for the health of its employees and customers. These industrial fans can provide numerous benefits for the industries that use them in a variety of applications. Chemical, medical, automotive, agricultural, mining, food processing, and construction industries can each utilize industrial fans to circulate fresh air and remove odors. Gymnasiums, warehouses, and underground parking garages also require industrial fans to ensure the health and safety of those using the facilities.

Industrial fans provide air and gas movement that is absolutely necessary for many factories and other industrial sites. Industrial fans and blowers stir up the air in enclosed areas, replacing stale and contaminated air with fresh air. They can be used in many cooling and drying applications in many construction sites as well as at gymnasiums where patrons become hot and sweaty. Industrial fans are essential in some factory settings where they reduce high heat levels and prevent air stagnation when air conditioners are too expensive or aren't an option. They help reduce moisture levels in spas, greenhouses, bathrooms. Industrial fans also help remove smoke and other odors in cooking and processing applications and they help regulate gaseous fumes in chemical industries and automotive shops. Needless to say, the health of thousands of workers and customers is protected every day through the function and utilization of quality industrial fans.

Industrial fans come in a variety of sizes and types for various uses and applications. The size of each industrial fan depends greatly on the size of the environment in which it will be used. Typically used for high volume, high static pressure applications, industrial fans and blowers are classified by a numerical designation based on the size and construction of the fan. The Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) recognizes three different classes of industrial fans or blowers. Basically, the higher the class number, the more expensive and the more effectively the fan will perform. The smaller, portable fans are used mainly for cleanups and in smaller spaces that need a little air circulation temporarily. So be sure to know the size of the facility you plan on using the fan for and research into what what class of fan you will need.

The different types of industrial fans vary according to where they are placed and how they are mounted. The different types of industrial fans include freestanding fans, wall and panel mounted fans, and duct fans and blowers. Of course each fan has a different function or purpose and your business will benefit much more when the correct type of fan is utilized to alleviate whatever problem you are facing.

Freestanding fans do not require mounting in any way, as the name suggests. They are the most versatile of all of the industrial fans because they can be placed anywhere to increase air circulation and to cool down the surrounding air. This category of fan also includes many portable types of industrial fans and blowers.

Wall and panel mounted fans are able to be attached to the wall in order to ventilate an area. They also include exhaust fans which to remove harmful gases and unpleasant odors through an opening in the wall.

Duct fans and blowers, designed for in-line duct mounting, use support braces or flanges to be mounted. Exhaust fans are often classified in this group of fans. Ceiling ventilation fans use specially designed flanges to be mounted inside the ventilation systems. They are most effective at removing the harmful fumes that are created in industrial operations.

Industrial fans provide many benefits when used properly in industrial settings. They create a healthy atmosphere as they remove pollutants, air contaminants, smoke, and reduce offensive odors. As they decrease the heat and humidity levels, industrial fans provide valuable environmental benefits. They come in a wide variety of functions and styles that differ in airflow direction into or out of the room and speed. When choosing an industrial fan, be sure to evaluate the utility you need it to provide, the environmental conditions, and the pressure levels and surface areas of the area to be affected.

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