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The ternary polymer lithium battery: restless in the future

by:UFO      2020-05-25
Ternary polymer lithium battery is correct material using nickel cobalt manganese acid lithium ( Li( NiCoMn) O2) Three yuan positive electrode material of lithium battery, the ternary composite cathode material precursor products, is the cobalt nickel salt, salt, manganese salt as raw materials, inside the proportion of nickel cobalt manganese can be according to the actual need to adjust. The ternary lithium battery energy density is bigger, but security is often suspect.

is there even if is the cause of these two kinds of material will be in when you arrive at a certain temperature decomposition, ternary lithium materials can occur in the lower 200 degrees decomposition, and lithium iron phosphate material is around 800 degrees. And chemical reaction of the ternary lithium materials more intense, can release oxygen, under the effect of high temperature electrolyte rapid combustion, a chain reaction. Say simply, it is the ternary lithium material than lithium iron phosphate material more easy to catch fire. But it is important to note that we mentioned is the material, rather than batteries has become a finished product.

because of the ternary lithium materials have such security hidden danger, so the manufacturer also in efforts to curb the direction of the accident. According to the properties of the ternary lithium materials easily pyrolysis, manufacturers in the overcharge protection ( OVP) , discharge protection ( UVP) , over temperature protection ( OTP) , over-current protection ( OCP) The link will be under a lot of kung fu. So more spontaneous combustion is should consider whether the function of the manufacturer in this a few link in place, rather than simply isolate.

so the usage of these two kinds of battery now is how? Let's focus on a set of data. Last November, lithium iron phosphate battery electric bus installed capacity in 64. 9%, ternary lithium battery installed capacity only 27. 6%. On the contrary, in the pure electric passenger car market, the ternary lithium battery installed capacity of more than 76% in November last year.

it can be seen that the ternary lithium battery energy density greater preponderance, should be to for future car new energy storage device. Now related security incidents in the popularization of new energy vehicles is still in its infancy, is a good thing. A lot of new energy vehicles related businesses in order to be able to seize market and obtain the double goal of policy support, to broaden the technical requirements, mass production can not stand the repeated use of the energy components for a long time. Car work environment is harsh, use these parts for a long time, the reason of safety accidents is greatly increased.

so we can think in Chinese electric c) on the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology equipment department chief priests published a picture of wood to three yuan bus to evaluate the safety performance of lithium-ion batteries, is interested in from the relevant state department on a standard definition of policy, to promote the industry standard. Both to consumers and manufacturers, has a very positive significance in the future. So there's no need for online one-sided see ternary lithium battery safety accidents can message material is danger, the key lies in how to firmly in control.

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