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The Secret of Saving Energy

by:UFO      2020-08-16

1. General introduction

To build a harmonious society between man and nature, all industries around the world take positive measures to save energy & power and make a remarkable progress. However, have the energy monitor system really worked? Have we really reduced most unnecessarily energy waste? We should make scientific distinguish.

Traditionally, a company supplies all the light to production, air conditioner, lighting and other power usage by three power distributors. In this power supply system, manager can only get information of total power consumption each month. They have no idea of how many energy units each part consumes or which part wastes power a lot. That is to say, manager knows nothing about whether and how much energy saves. So, there is a must to use power monitor system to scientifically manage power.

Blue Jay power monitor system is designed for solving these problems and satisfying customer's need. This system can not only remotely monitor and control energy power, but also automatically offer detailed analysis of classified energy, 8-hour-work time energy consumption, daily and monthly consumption. It is an ideal tool to scientifically manage power and save energy.

2. Power Monitor System

The power monitor system contains three levels according to function features:

Level one - main control system (station management level )

Level two - communication system (Internet communication level)

Level three - site monitor system ( site equipments measurement level)

Level one

Located at center room, main control system contains an advanced computer and other settings as UPS, printer and alarm. Power measurement software is monitoring and controlling the whole electrical equipments.

Level two

In middle of level one and level three, communication system transforms digital information from site equipments measurement level to station management level. It improves the whole system to be more real-time, larger capable. Additionally, this system can share the data information by easily connecting with other systems though Ethernet switches.

Level three

Using panel meters and DIN-rail meters, site monitor system is monitoring and measuring electrical parameters of all site equipments. With RS458 communication, this system transmits various electrical parameters and signals to communication level. All these devices work independently.

3. Software

BJ software can precisely monitor and measure digital of energy consumption in whole electrical circuit. With easy-to-use graphical programming, you can customize the measurements you want to take with the hardware.

4. Hardware: Din rail meters

BJ-301C DIN rail meter is used for monitoring energy parameters in three-phrase guide. Using DIN35mm communication, this meter is easy to use and can measure digital of sharp, peak, flat and valley in multi tariff. The specific features are as follows:

1) Width of 7 modulus (18*7mm)

2) Classic accuracy: 0.5

3) Real time measurements: Three-phase voltage, Power factor, Frequency Active power, Reactive power, Three-phase current, Energy consumption

4) multi tariff function: measure digital of sharp, peak, flat and valley

5) With RS485 communication

6) MODBUS and GPRS can connect with other systems

5. Function

The system can remotely monitor and control energy power in all electrical circuits and automatically display power parameters. Including:

1) If any abnormal digital comes, alarm will begin.

2) Multi user system: including several administrators and many gusts to use this system

3) Easy-to-use graphical diagrams of energy consumption are clearly shown by year, month or day, even minute or real time.

4) System also provides analysis of real-time curves and historical trend curves to meet user's need.

5) Any diagram can be printed by EXCEL or WORD format. (Optional)

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