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The scientific application of the lithium iron phosphate batteries

by:UFO      2020-05-19
Progress recently, the new type of battery, is expected to replace traditional lithium battery report, let us see the hope of the phone, the tablet has a longer battery life, but it's a pity that most of all stay in the laboratory research stage, when or even whether large-scale commercial has to say. In August 2012, the new energy company Deboch TEC. GmbH and brings one closer to the reality of new energy technologies: iron lithium battery.

Deboch TEC. GmbH, according to the lithium iron phosphate battery technology, the white paper published in the use of composite nanomaterials, single section 32650 specifications ( 32 mm diameter/length is 65 mm) Energy density of batteries can ascend to 6000 mah, with the current industry, compared to 32650 specifications of the specifications of the single section 5000 mah equal volume increased 1000 mah, which is as much as 20%, section 1 can give the iPhone 6 s phone recharged almost four times.

even more exciting is that low range on a single charge and discharge conditions used, the battery in the recycling of up to 3000 times, power remained at about 80%, while the common lithium battery charging circuit about 500 times the virtue. According to once every 3 days to charge and discharge computation, can be continuous use 24 years, is the longevity of battery.

this new battery technology can be widely used in portable mobile power supply, small UPS, a variety of equipment such as laptop battery, car battery, and for different using environment, Deboch TEC. GmbH also according to the difference in the number of times a charging circuit using different batteries color: military level oriented for gold, cycle times to 3000 times; In the field of civil automobile use blue, 2500 times; Green, 2000 is suitable for small portable mobile devices.

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