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The Role of Drilling Machines in Modern Industrial Sector

by:UFO      2020-08-16

Service at Homag India is backed up by adequate stock of machinery and spares. Service has always been of highest importance in Homag India. A well trained service team of 40 engineers is a proof of this. 'Service at arm's length' has been its motto and that is the reason why they have today localized service available from the entire branch/ liason offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Colombo and also opening one in Nagpur shortly.

You can find its drilling machines variety in its product section.It provides the drilling machine named as Profi line BHT 500 withhigh flexibility at reduced lot sizes and high requirements towards quality.

On the basis of the profi line BHT 500 Homag-India presents you a new flexible drilling and routing concept fromWeeke Bohrsystemewhich unites the advantages of CNC-controlled stationary technology and of high -performance throughfeed-drilling machines in practice.

This line of products represents a solution for:

* batches in the medium and bottom range guaranteeing high output

* realization of complex processings in cross-feed.

The profi line BHT 500 offers you:

* five sided drilling

* longitudinal and transversal groovings

* routing of vertical pockets as well as internal contours

* dowel inserting systems

* fully automatic set up within 20 sec.

* double processing of workpieces

* up to 84 horizontal drilling spindles

* customer -specific set ups with up to 40 spindles per drilling gear

* programming via the Homag Group programming system wood WOP.

The manufacture of complex workpieces in interlinked machine lines is available to you.

All its service engineers are trained at our manufacturer's facilities in Germany and Spain on a regular interval for upgradation of their knowledge and skill levels.

Handling systems of homage-India drilling machines:

Feeding and stacking stations of the specialist BARGSTEDT are available for a continuous feeding and removal of workpieces in board shape. Different possibilities of combinations offer an optimal solution for each need and will always secure a gentle treatment of your workpieces.

The key responsibilities of homage-india involve:

Homag-india service department has come of age so much, that today it is deputing its engineers to other countries like Korea, Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore etc. to install and commission new machines as well as to trouble shoot problems on existing installations.

Very often, there is a demand from the industry for very short deliveries. It is for this reason, that Homag-india has always carried adequate stock of the basic machine models. It normally can offer its customers ex-stock basic models of Drilling machines. Since the beginning of this year, it has converted a portion of its premises into a 'Bonded Warehouse' so that customers wanting to avail benefit of duty concessions can also buy the machines ex-stock.

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