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The Production Program of Leaf in The Usa Might

by:UFO      2020-08-17

According for the report of US media, the officials of Nissan Business said on Monday that the company's plan of production Leaf electrical car in America will be delayed due to the occurrence of earthquake in Japan.

The deputy manager from the Nissan zero emission management department, Hideaki Watanabe claimed that Nissan has to delay a number of plans due to the earthquake and this business has done all it can to take measures to recover the local car production in Japan.

Watanabe declared that this program is very probably to put off when asked about the program of producing Leaf electrical automobile in Smyrna, Tennessee, US in next year. However, it is still unknown as to how long it will delay.

It is understood which the original plan of Nissan is to start producing automobile battery in September 2012 in Smyrna and produce Leaf electrical car in December from the same year. This plan has gained the loan support with the US Department of Energy.

Watanabe added that the Nissan Leaf is only manufactured in Japan although consumers hope which the productivity can be recovered for the pre-earthquake level. It is true which the earthquake and tsunami mark a malicious year to the release of new cars, the demand for Leaf electrical vehicle in the market is not weakened.

The product sales result from the Leaf electrical car reached 7554 since it was introduced to the market in the end of last year. 5000 cars among the 7554 are sold in domestic market and nearly 2100 cars have gone towards the second largest Leaf automobile market---America.

Nissan is expected to sell in American market 10000 to 12000 Leaf electrical cars in this year. This figure is obviously lower than the original expectation of 20000.

Japanese auto industry is confronting with the component supply shortage. The price increase in components such as diesel turbocharger and accessories for engines has exposed the auto industry to severe challenges. On the contrary, developing electrical cars has proved to have incomparable advantages in terms of energy. The spokesman of Nissan Katherine Zachary has pointed out that Leaf seldom encounters situation such as break down on account of power shortage and only two such cases are found in The united states.

Leaf can calculate and display on the screen the power left through taking into consideration the battery content, driving behavior and other elements which can influence the consumption of power. In the meantime, Nissan is developing a set of more accurate computing system which can take into account elements such as the density of transportation and landscape when calculating the amount of power left.

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