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The New Polaroid 300 Camera

by:UFO      2020-08-18

Polaroid is not just a type of camera, it is a brand, a legend, a real power in the world of photography. The first commercially available model was the Polaroid Instant Camera 95, developed in 1947 and available to the public from November 1948. It revolutionized photography through its self-developing film, able to develop prints instantly. All you had to do was push a button, and within a few minutes you had your picture developed.

Nowadays, the main attraction in the world of photography are digital cameras, allowing you to take thousands of pictures digitally, and develop only the ones you like best. Along with these digital cameras, Polaroid cameras have registered a great decline in popularity. However, Polaroid decided to give it another shot, and now, the latest model of Polaroid camera is available on the market: the Polaroid 300 camera.

It entails the legendary instant color film technology, now able to develop pictures in 60 seconds. Still, as expected, the new model comes with a few changes in features. The opinions are divided, with many pro and numerous others con regarding the new Polaroid 300. The main issue with this model seems to be the size of the prints, which is now smaller than it used to. With Polaroid 300, the prints are about the size of a business card, 2.1 x 3.4 inches. While some find it amusing and great for small souvenirs, for others the reduced size consists a huge drawback.

The Polaroid 300 camera comes with a set of four AA batteries, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a wrist strap. It costs about $90, and a ten-pack of instant film costs $9.99. The camera is available in several colors, and you can find it at J&R, Bloomingdales or on the Internet, either on the Polaroid website or on numerous other sites.

Initially, Polaroid announced, in January 2010, that they plan to produce a new model of instant camera, the PIC 100. However, in April, they came with Polaroid 300, a completely different model. Basically, it is a rebranded version of the Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S, using Fujifilm's Instax Mini instant film. The Polaroid 300 did not have quite the desired impact on the market, and not all consumers are in favor of this new model. Divided opinions have generated hundreds of different reviews and feedback on this allegedly 'new' Polaroid camera. If you search online for the Polaroid 300, you can find numerous positive and negative reviews, some of them with sample images as well. However, different preferences lead to different opinions, so if you really want to know how the Polaroid 300 really is, purchase one and write your own review.

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