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The Need For Power Monitoring at Data Centers

by:UFO      2020-08-19

If you are part of a large organization, you are well aware about the magnitude of digital work that goes on each day. With hundreds of computers running simultaneously, it is likely that you have a back office equipped with a data centre. This is where all your computer-related systems are stored. For example, the servers, connections for telecommunication devices, external storage systems and more. Usually, these places also have back-up power supplies, data communication requirements, security devices and even access to fire alarms, air conditioning and more.

Hence, it can be safely said that the data centre is one of the lifelines of your office space. If even one thing goes wrong, it can disrupt the working for days or even weeks; additionally, it could compromise the safety of employees as well as confidential information stored. However, in the contemporary designing of these centers, one of the crucial things that may not be taken into account is power monitoring. As an IT administrator, this should be one of the foremost things in your mind, irrespective of whether the centre is in-house or external. The utility and consumption of power should be constantly checked to ensure the health of the server as well as over efficiency of the center.

How to Create a Power-Friendly Data Centre

When it comes to the data centre, you need tools like power logger, recorders and more to be updated about the slightest change in power. Even a small fluctuation could lead to costly replacements. Monitoring will ensure that you are in tune with the machine, hence, can almost pre-empt possible damage. This is what makes a power-conscious data centre.

However, you cannot just go by the set method; every centre is unique and its requirement, different. So, it is essential that you understand your exact needs and install a power system that is just right for you in current phase, as well as a few years hence.

How to Monitor Power

Now that you are well aware about the need for a monitoring device, you may have installed the one that is ideal for your setting. To get an ideal as well as holistic view of the entire centre you need to set up devices like the power recorder PDF, logger and others at several points. Areas wherein devices like the uninterruptible power supply or UPS and room power distribution unit or PDU are vital checkpoints to ensure effective power usage.

Install the monitoring system in your data centre to enhance its usability as well as safeguard it from damage.

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