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The main performance of lithium iron phosphate batteries

by:UFO      2020-05-20
The nominal voltage is 3 LiFePO4 battery. 2 v, termination of charging voltage is 3. Voltage is 2 to 6 v, termination. 0V。 Because of the various manufacturers adopt positive and negative electrode materials and electrolyte material quality and process is different, its performance will be some difference. For example the same models ( The same kind of packaging standard cell) Has a big difference, the battery capacity ( 10% ~ 20%) 。 Lithium iron phosphate power battery main properties listed in table 1. In order to compare with other rechargeable batteries, also in other types of rechargeable battery performance listed in the table. Here to explain is that different factory production of lithium iron phosphate power battery in various performance parameters will have some difference; In addition, there are some battery performance was not included in, such as battery internal resistance, self-discharge rate, temperature of the charge and discharge, etc.
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