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The main advantage of the lithium battery

by:UFO      2020-05-12
1. The advantages of lithium ion battery performance in large capacity, high operating voltage. Twice of the same nickel cadmium battery capacity, can adapt to more communication for a long period of time, and usually the monomers lithium battery voltage is 3. 7 v is three times as many nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride batteries.

2。 Charged to maintain strong ability, allowing wide working temperature range. In the ( 20±5) ℃, 30 days in the form of open circuit, the temperature of the battery discharge capacity is greater than 85% of the rated capacity. Lithium ion battery has excellent high and low temperature discharge performance, can be in - 20 ˉ + 60 ℃, high temperature and discharge performance is higher than other kinds of cells.

3。 Circulation service life is long, lithium ion battery using carbon anode, in the process of charging and discharging, carbon anode won't generate lithium dendrite, in order to avoid the battery damage because of the internal lithium dendrite short circuit. After continuous charging and discharging 1200 times, battery capacity is still not less than 60% of the rated value, far higher than other kinds of cells, with the long-term use of the economy.

4。 High safety, can charge and discharge safely and quickly. Compared with metal lithium batteries, lithium ion battery has a short circuit resistance, resistance to overcharge, discharge, shock, vibration, shooting, acupuncture, no fire, no explosion, etc, because of its carbon anode with special electrode instead of metallic lithium electrode, thus allowing rapid charge and discharge, can charge the battery at 1 c rate under the condition of charging and discharging, so greatly improve the safety performance.

5。 No environmental pollution. Cells do not contain cadmium, lead, mercury such harmful substances, chemical energy is a clean 'green'

6. No memory effect. May at any time and put to use, especially in time of war and emergency more show its excellent performance.

7。 Small volume, light weight, high specific energy. Usually lithium ion battery than energy can reach 2 times bigger than the nickel cadmium battery, and compared with the nimh battery capacity, can reduce 30% volume, weight can be reduced by 50%, which is beneficial to small lightweight portable electronic devices

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