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The influence of moisture on lithium-ion batteries

by:UFO      2020-05-22
Moisture to the lithium battery has had a huge impact, mainly causes the following consequences:

1. If the moisture content is exorbitant, electrolyte and water reaction, trace harmful gas generated, have a bad effect on liquid injection room environment; It will also affect the quality of the electrolyte itself, makes the battery performance is bad, will cause the battery rivets rust.

2。 A compound in water and electrolyte reaction, generate harmful gas, when the water enough battery internal pressure is bigger, so as to cause the battery stress deformation. If the cell phone battery, it is characterized by drum shell; When the internal pressure in the high, battery is in danger, burst electrolyte splash, pieces of battery is also easy to hurt.

3。 Battery internal moisture content is too high; Loss of the active components of electrolyte, and loss of lithium ion, lithium ion in battery cathode slice of irreversible chemical reaction. Consumes lithium ion battery energy is reduced.

4。 With 26650 batteries to power a drill, full of electricity that could be used for 1 hour after, because the battery internal moisture, can only use for 50 minutes.

5。 When the battery internal moisture more reaction inside the battery electrolyte and water, the product will be gas and hydrofluoric acid ( Hydrofluoric acid is a kind of strong corrosive acid, it can make the battery internal corrosion of metal parts, and make a battery leakage in the end. If the battery leakage, the performance of the battery will drop rapidly, and the electrolyte to corrosion of the user's machine, and cause more dangerous failure.

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