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The Importance of Hands-on Industrial Training

by:UFO      2020-08-21

The world of information technology is an exciting place to be in right now as boundaries are being pushed and new horizons are being discovered and marketed on a near daily basis. Information Technology companies are people-driven as they are completely dependent on the skill sets and knowledge levels of the people who work for them to develop new programmes, applications and solutions. All human resource personnel of IT companies lament on how difficult it is to find a suitable candidate these days because of the gap that exists between the skill sets possessed by the individual and those required the organisation. This then is the reason as to why live project training is so important for students who are learning software technology.

For student, while knowledge of technologies such as Java, J2ee, .Net, PHP, C, C++ and so on may be taught by a teacher in the classroom, enhanced by reading textbooks and exploring the internet; the actual conceptualising and application of all the theoretical know-how is only done on a live project. And students can only work on live projects if they are a part of some form of industrial training in Delhi.

As we have mentioned earlier, theoretical knowledge is not difficult to find. Therefore, while an institute may be providing excellent inputs on the theoretical side of information technology to its students, such an institute can never expect an excellent start to the careers of their students, if they are not in a position to have their students undergo the 'real world work experience' in an actual IT Company as a part of the Live Project Training.

Good IT Training Institutes will always have proven facilities for Industrial Training in Delhi because they understand that in order to give their students an edge when it comes to placements and job opportunities they need to ensure that the students are able to make practical application of all that they have learnt on actual worksite situations. More importantly, the students have worked on onsite projects for considerable periods of time which have enabled them to assimilate various critical non-technical skills which are needed for their success in the workplace.

Many IT Companies have tie-ups with renowned IT training institutes and take students on as interns to provide them with the experience of Live Project Training. The students who do well on this projects are then absorbed as employees by the IT Companies.

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