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The Green Backup

by:UFO      2020-08-22

Amara Raja Batteries Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of lead-acid batteries for industrial as well as automotive applications in Indian storage battery industry. It is a part of Amara Raja-Johnson Controls Company with 26% equity from Johnson Controls.

Amaron automotive battery, distributed throughout India, is a brand name under Amara Raja Batteries. Amara Raja Batteries Ltd. also produces AGM Batteries, SMF Batteries, Industrial Batteries, Mono Block Batteries, UPS batteries, Inverter Battery etc. They are the foremost source of batteries to telecom service providers, telecom equipment manufacturers, UPS Segment (OEM & replacement) and many other major sectors. To meet the emerging demand for applications requirement of reliable power in the telecom market, Amara Raja has launched Amaron Volt with the Maintenance-Free Valve Regulated Lead Acid (MF - VRLA) battery technology. It is a specialized storage battery in the era of 3G & BWA enabled Data Driven market and mobile internet.

Amara Raja assures the availability of Green Energy even in Rural and Harsh Outdoor conditions through Amaron Volts which is a backup 2V high integrity series product. It is the most recent VRLA battery offering from Amaron Hi Life range.

Amaron Volt aims to fulfill the growing challenges in the telecom industry for power backup, it extends to serve other critical areas like rural-off grid and poor grid installations, renewable energy installation, high end UPS & data centre installations etc. With its high reliability and advanced features, Amaron Volt is an ideal choice for demanding backup use in telecom, broadband, IT, Power utility, solar PV applications and in the fast spreading rural telecom market.

Amara Raja Batteries understands that the telecom industry is one of the major consumers of diesel fuel in the country. It is estimated that the CO2 emissions by this sector alone is about 5.4mn tons. Through the Amaron Volt, Amara Raja is finding a solution to this mass consumption of fossil fuel. The Green Energy battery provides the quickest recharging characteristics among all batteries and due to slow electrolysis, provides energy for a longer period of time. Amaron Volt offers a robust, enduring and reliable plug & play source of power which is all set to redefine the domain of energy storage products and solutions in telecom segment.

Energy cost optimization and rural network expansion are the two urgent challenges the Indian telecom network is facing today. This has caused a change in the expectations from a battery requiring it to take up the key role of a dependable energy source.

Amara Raja launches the Amaron Volt as a result of their extensive research. These VRLA batteries are enhanced with some latest concepts and characteristics including robustness, performance even when not completely charged, outdoor or indoor installations, high life in remote locations and extreme cycling applications, leak proof joints, zero maintenance operation and best in class back up power etc. This offers better savings from operational expenses than any other contemporary.

Amara Raja Batteries Ltd. which pioneered the application of VRLA battery technology in India has designed various long life and high quality batteries for critical applications. These batteries have met the challenges of the time and aided in development across sectors like power, railways, telecom, oil & gas and defence.

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