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The function of the lithium battery diaphragm

by:UFO      2020-05-12
Can give the battery to provide security. Diaphragm material must first have good insulation, in order to prevent the anode contact is short circuit or particle, dendritic spines by burr, wear and short circuit, thus, the diaphragm requires a certain tensile, puncture strength, not easy to tear, and the sudden high temperature under the condition of basic maintain the stability of size and will not melt condensation lead to large area of short circuit and thermal runaway of the battery.

second, is to provide the reason ion battery charge and discharge functions, ratio of pore channels. As a result, the diaphragm must be high porosity and pore distribution of uniform film. The characteristics of material itself and pore characteristics of film-forming after restricts the battery, the lithium ions migration, reflect on the performance parameters of the ionic conductivity.

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