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The Feature Packed Nexus S Handset Unveiled By Google

by:UFO      2020-08-23

Not content with sporting the latest version of popular operating system Android, the Google Nexus S also boasts an eye catching look together with an array of fun and useful features. All of these points combine to give us what is one of the most impressive handsets of 2011.

There is very little variation between different smart phone models, mainly because of the obvious contrstaints of needing to house a large front facing screen in a chassis that is as small as possible, it really does not leave much room for manouvere. Therefore the Nexus S is refreshing in that it sports a very slightly curved screen, this is very minimal, yet does enought to make the phone stand out from the crowd. Couple this with the neatly rounded edges and you have as stylish a phone as you are likely to encounter. At 123.9 x 63 x 10.9mm, the overall size is roughly what you would expect from a model with a 4 inch display, yet the weight is impressive at just 129 grammes. In practice this means that you hardly notice that you have the phone on your person, yet the leightweight plastic body used does make the phone feel cheaper than similar metallic counterparts. The modern screen uses the latest Super AMOLED screen, popular in the Samsung Galaxy S, and as the phone is built by the Korean firm, its no surprise that great features such as this are included. At 480 x 800, resolution is up there with the very best, and you can be assured of a vivid and vibrant image on graphics, web pages or media thanks to the great range of 16 million colours that can be shown.

Android fans will be pleased that the Google Nexus S comes with the latest version of the operating system pre installed. Although not vastly different in terms of use and design, there have been some minor tweaks on the homepage making it look visually more appealing. Behind the scenes programmers have also improved the power management system that the system uses. The phone keeps a constant check on what function you have open in the background, shutting them down if they are unnecessary or if the behave incorrectly. This effectively improves the life that you can expect from the battery, giving you around 428 hours in standby and creeping up towards 7 hours of 3G talktime.

The Nexus S from Google not only impresses with its looks, but also with the excellent operating system, backed up well by a list of features any phone would be proud to sport.

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